Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Mystery of Ellie Light

Patterico's Pontifications has a worthy post on the mysterious letter writer named "Ellie Light."  Ellie Light has written dozens of letters supporting Obama to various newspapers across the United States, giving local addresses each time.  Who is Ellie Light, and does she really own dozens of houses?

I ran "Ellie Light" through, an online database of listed phone numbers, and there wasn't a single listing for an Ellie Light anywhere in the United States.  Ellie Light does not exist.

It appears highly probable that "Ellie Light" is the pen name of a Democrat operative or group of operatives, trying to influence public opinion by pretending to be a "concerned citizen."  Nice try, "Ellie."

Such shenanigans are not new.  Ann Coulter noted in one of her books that CBS was in the habit of interviewing the same "individual citizen" on many issues of the day, the same guy over and over.  In Bernie Goldberg's book "Bias," he mentions how big media use "experts" over and over to pontificate on the rightness of liberal politics.  The "experts" are quite biased but the public doesn't know that.  The idea is to provide media bias cleverly disguised as objective "expert" or "grass-roots" opinion.

See also Left Coast Rebel for additional details of this controversy.

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