Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Votes Tomorrow: Will Scott Brown Win??

At this moment, things look good for Scott Brown (photo on left).  Political momentum appears to be surging in his favor.  Rush reports that absentee voters are going for Brown by 16%.  The final PPP poll shows Brown ahead 51% to 46%.  One pundit says that Coakley is the canary in the Democrats' coal mine -- her electoral fate is a good predictor of her party's performance later this year.

The weather in Massachusetts is bad -- cold with snow and a freezing drizzle.  A low turnout is expected, but that could favor Brown.  Republicans in Massachusetts (both of them) are fired up, more so than party-line Democrats.  Independents are said to be going for Brown.  Even a number of Democrats admit that they intend to vote for Brown.

Martha Coakley (photo on right) is seen as an elitist even in Massachusetts, where she barely campaigned at all following her nomination as the Democrat candidate.  Obviously, she expected the general election tomorrow to be a formality, her election to Ted Kennedy's senatorial seat automatic -- a coronation, in fact.  Meanwhile, Brown was going door to door to ask for votes, driving a truck.  Coakley and Obama made fun of Brown's truck yesterday, further proving their elitism and snobbery.  Obama was roundly booed at Boston College, something he has never before experienced, and found it disorienting.  SEIU Union members and university students are marching with signs -- supporting Brown!  It is truly amazing.

In politics, you can never take anything for granted.  Polls are not the actual vote, though they are often a good indicator of how the election will unroll.  If you live in Massachusetts, go and vote, regardless of the weather, the temperature, in spite of your hangover, your toothache, your chronic depression.  Get your butt to the polls.

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