Thursday, January 07, 2010

Alabama vs Texas, BCS Championship Game is This Evening

The BCS championship game is on television tonight. I have mixed feelings about the teams.  My ancestors settled in Alabama in time for the Civil War and fought for the South.  Alabama was once the site of the family's home; it is our ancestral homeland in a sense.  My great, great grandfather is buried there.

I first set foot in Alabama in 1994 and was amazed at how beautiful and green it was.

After the war my great grandfather moved the family to Texas to escape the carpet baggers.  Ever since then most of my family was born and reared in Texas, and we identify more with Texas now than we do Alabama (no one remembers Alabama but we all remember Texas).

So I can't in good conscience root against Texas, the greatest state of all time, in my family's view.  So all I can say is....may the best team win!!

Game time is 5:30 PM here on the west coast.  It is 8:30 PM on the east coast.  Westerners may be stuck in traffic at kickoff, so drive carefully but get home as quick as you can.

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