Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alliances Against Islam and Why You Should Support Them

As Lawrence Auster of View From the Right points out, Gert Wilders is one politician who understands that the enemy of western democracies is not radical Islam, or Islamism, but Islam itself.  Islam is radical.  It is also, by design, violent, totalitarian and barbaric.  It is absurd that so many western countries have allowed in massive immigration of Muslims.  Such a move is transparently suicidal.  This immigration must be stopped and reversed.

Wilders recently launched a new western alliance against Islam.  He said:
I want to announce today that we will start an international movement, the International Freedom Alliance. "Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance," it has even been called, is an international organization which focuses--allow me to say it first in English--on two points: Defend Freedom and Stop Islam. The defense of our freedom and stopping Islam in the Western world. This will be an international organization. We will focus first on five countries: Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.
Auster has the complete transcript. Read it here.

Another anti-Islam alliance is the English Defence League of Great Britain. Here's a declaration from their web page:
We, the English Defence League Jewish Division, support the British Armed Forces, the IDF and the British people.
We are English, we love England, and we are committed to combat racism, fascism, anti-semitism, the biased media, and uninformed politicians.
We are here to fight for all people - Jews in England in particular - against attacks by pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel media propaganda and lies, relating to Jews, Jewish culture and beliefs, and against blood-libels propagated by the left, Nazis and Muslims.
We are committed to waking up the sleeping Jewish press, e.g: The Jewish Chronicle, to the threat of Muslim attacks on Judaism, Zionism and to Muslim attempts to delegitimise Jews, the Jewish state of Israel and to force, by stealth and overt means, sharia law on England.
Our EDL units have gays, transgender, Black, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and ex-Muslims (apostates) members. We are professionals of ALL classes!
We are the only organisation in the UK that demonstrates against Muslim violence and discrimination against women, such as forced marriages, underage marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings. Not one so-called feminist has spoken out against these terrible things, preferring to collude with male Muslims and respect these appalling acts as “culture”!
Our Facebook page is -by invitation only.
We are also connected to the wonderful English Defence Youth, who have their own website which, we contribute to.
Our fight is worldwide: against Muslim hegemony, polygamy, misogyny, sharia law, the building of any more mosques in the UK, racist attacks on non-Muslims (or kuffar as they call us!), homophobic attacks, Islamic no-go areas for British people, Muslim-only services paid for by the tax-payer, laws just for Muslims.
We repudiate preferential treatment for Islamic hate-speakers, terrorists and groups/organizations like IFE, Muslims against Crusaders, who, apart from being sponsored by terrorist organizations, proselytise against our armed forces and against the freedoms that the generations of English people have fought for!
This struggle is everyone's struggle, and remaining silent is no longer an option.
No Surrender!
English Defence League Jewish Division
Morrigan Emmaleth
Naturally, the mainstream press in the U.K. has labeled the EDL as "far right" and "with links to fascist groups."

Neither Geert Wilders nor the EDL is remotely "fascist;"  they are like the Free French during the Nazi occupation; instead of cooperating, as did the Vichy French government, they are finding ways to resist a new totalitarian movement that is bent on the destruction of western democracy.  I openly and fervently support both of these groups.

Related Post:  Blazing Cat Fur posts video of EDL speech yesterday regarding Sharia Law.  See it here.

Pat Condell gives some perspective on "the Enemy Within" (hat tip Gates of Vienna):


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Bonsoir Stogie , j'espère que cette alliance va etre un succès , nous en avons tellement besoin  avec cette gangrène  islamique qui  nous enlève chaque jour un peu plus la joie de vivre comme nous le désirons!

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Nice posting ... excellent information, thanks.

It's a tough battle when everything we do to preserve our culture and integrity is RAAAAACIST!!

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Hi Kate, is that you?  Kate says:   I hope that this alliance is a success, we have such need for it with this Islamic gangrene that that every day prevents us a little more from enjoying life as we wish.

Je suis de votre avis, Kate!

Stogie said...

Hi Donald.  Yes, I think we are coming to a time when such epithets are no longer effective.  "Racist, racist, racist!" is to a liberal what "bark, bark, bark!" is to a dog.  Annoying but otherwise meaningless.

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