Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Fearful Right-Wing Horde of Anonymous Bloggers

This morning I read a news article about a CNN host, John Roberts, suggesting that there needs to be some kind of government crack-down on bloggers, i.e. right-wing bloggers.  Apparently, this was because after a right-wing blogger posted a video of USDA rep Shirley Sherrod, bragging to an audience of the NAACP that she had withheld help from a white farmer.  Sherrod was forced to resign over the revelation, but within two days the leftists in government decided that her remarks were taken "out of context" and she was reinstated with an apology from Obama.

If Sherrod was innocent of what was shown in the video, it isn't obvious to me.  Nevertheless, Roberts decried "anonymous bloggers who disparage others on the internet."  What he really meant was "those who disparage Democrats on the internet."  Note that hundreds of scurrilous, libelous accusations by leftwing bloggers were thrown at Sarah Palin and her family, but no CNN official ever objected to that.

Yes, I am an anonymous blogger, and for good reason.  I live in the far-left land of California, where being a conservative means that I am either a "racist" or a "fascist" or both.  Try getting work with that libel hanging over your head.  I am anonymous because of leftwing hypocrites like John Roberts, who use the politics of personal destruction and slander against their opponents with impunity, but who howl like little schoolgirls when unflattering truths are disclosed against their fellow leftwingers.

If Sherrod had been a Republican, there would have been no reinstatement and no apology, no rationalizing or parsing what she said or didn't say.   She, her reputation and her career, would be toast, with no appeal available.  The mangled corpse of her reputation would be paraded as a bloody war trophy, providing rich political propaganda to help elect Democrats and prove that Republicans and conservatives are "racist."

No Sheeples Here also does an effective job of taking this CNN asshat to task in her article, "Fear the Blogosphere."

Proof at the Left Coast Rebel also has his say in "On Anonymity and Blogging."


Stogie said...

The Leftists will say or do anything to stay in office, in power.
When we (the Right) try to play fair, we are at a huge disadvantage.
There is a saying in the Marines, "If you're in a fair fight, your tactics suck."
So far, our tactics suck. Theirs are working.
On a side note, I have a friend in L.A.( I am in West Virginia).
I asked him how he can stand to live there on the Left Coast, and he laughed and said, "It ain't easy."
I suppose it ain't easy for you either.

Stogie said...

daeuco, it ain't easy is right!  I'd love to move somewhere else.

Stogie said...

I also remain anonymous for good reason. I teach school, albeit part time, and prefer that my identity remains kept "close to the vest" for obvios reasons. Even though I live and work in a very conservative (really libertairian mindied) small community, it is best to not become notorious.

雅莊王edgd春2蕙婷余惠其 said...

Never hesitate to hold out your hand; never hesitate to accept the outstretched hand of another..................................................................

Stogie said...

When one decides to blog under an assumed name, one has to agree to be governed by a higher standard of behavior.  Sometimes I want to just rock out and rant, but I have to restrain myself because it is unfair to launch certain types of attack from the shadows.

I have to blog anonymously because I work as a manager for a government in the Nor'East that is populated by Leftists.  I can be fired at will.  I do not comment on my branch of government for this state as that would be unfair.

For some of us, blogging anonymously is the only way we can speak out, but we have a duty to maintain a higher standard.

Stogie said...

Another point about anonymous blogging is there is no need for self-censorship.  Everything in this country has become so politicized, i.e. race, discussions about race, journalism, the school class room, that I would avoid many topics if my identity were known.