Friday, July 30, 2010

Give 'Em Hell, Larry! Lawrence Auster's Take on the Arizona Court Decision (AZ SB1070)

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Lawrence Auster is in the habit of telling the unvarnished truth.  I like that.

Today he discussed the utter lawlessness of the Obama regime and the absurdity of preventing a state from enforcing federal law.  He righteously rants:
What would the Founding Fathers recommend if they were alive today and in Arizona? Would they counsel waiting for a year until Judge Bolton’s “temporary” restraining order blocking enforcement of SB 1070 is made permanent in a federal trial—probably presided over by herself? I don’t think so. Arizona must forcefully defy the present lawless federal government. I don’t know exactly what form that defiance should take—ranging from putting SB 1070 into effect and daring the feds to stop it, to riding Susan Bolton out of the state on the back of a pickup truck. But it must consist of something other than going through more “legal” procedures under the auspices of a federal court system which has been revealed as an arm of the Obama takeover of America.
I vote for the pickup truck. This is not the first time such an idea has been put forth. Dr. Walter Williams once advised the state of Colorado to use the state's national guard to oust certain misbehaving federal officials. That may seem extreme, but as Auster asks, "The federal government is waging war on America: do we ignore that fact and continue playing by the rules?"   Read it all here.

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