Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Spite of Whitewash, Anthropogenic Global Warming is Still a Fraud

Several months ago, a computer hacker released emails from a British research facility that indicated the Global Warming alarmists were cooking the books and manipulating the data.  Now a panel of British reviewers have investigated and declared the scandal moot:  the British AGW alarmist-scientists were not cooking the books, regardless of what their emails said.

To refresh your memory, those emails spoke of discrediting AGW skeptic articles in peer-reviewed journals, of "hiding the decline" in temperatures, of refusing requests for data under the Freedom of Information Act, of deleting emails that did not advance the AGW cause.  But, according to AGW apologist Gene Lyons, the scientists were just being "bitchy," not fraudulent.  You could have fooled me.

Gerald Warner of the U.K. Telegraph has called the British inquiry a "whitewash."  I agree.  It is a case of leftwing scare-mongers taking care of their own.  The alarmist case for global warming has not been demonstrated, either in the lab or in the environment.  Where is the proof?  Why aren't people melting?  Why is the temperature here in the west coast only in the 60's, in July??  Why is it only 53 degrees F where I live, in Hollister, California?  Why are polar bears thriving instead of dying off?  

I believe that AGW is a hoax because the political left has too often demonstrated its utter ruthlessness in pushing any scheme to gain greater power over citizens.  If AGW were real, they could begin regulating every aspect of our personal lives and achieve their major dreams:  massive wealth redistribution on a global scale, a one-world government, and massive control of industry.  The myth of AGW is the left's key to replacing our republic with a new fascism.    We must resist at all costs.

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