Thursday, July 22, 2010

"The Obama Deception": Pure Paranoia, Demagoguery & Hokum (or "Alex Jones Is Still Nuts")

At the urging of one of my cousins, I watched the film by Alex Jones, "The Obama Deception."  It is crazy propaganda, a conspiracy theory on steroids.  I estimate that 40% of the film is paranoia, 40% sheer hokum, 10% sheer lunacy and 10% somewhat truthful.  The truthful parts, however, have their credibility seriously eroded by the other reckless and insubstantial claims.

It is an almost two hour long video screed of how a high cabal of international bankers rule the world behind the scenes, orchestrating every war, every financial collapse, every political upheaval.  This cabal is called such things as "the Wall Street Oligarchs," "the banking cartel," "the globalists" or simply "the elite."

The alleged reach of this cabal is amazing.  For example, they are described as being behind every dictator inspired war since Napoleon; they controlled not only Napoleon, but Hitler, Stalin, FDR, George Bush, and now, Barack Obama.  How and why the cabal did this is never explained.

Barack Obama is described as the most pro-Wall Street president in U.S. history, a mere puppet to the cabal, who slavishly carries out their wishes.

The conspiracists, mysteriously in control of market forces, caused gasoline prices to soar to over $4 a gallon a couple of years back.  They are now orchestrating the recession while they seek the financial collapse of the entire world.  Once it does collapse, they will buy up all of the world's productive assets and reduce all of us to a kind of slavery.

Of course, they ran the "false flag" operation called 9/11 (the "inside job" theory).  They assassinated both Lincoln and Kennedy for resisting the control of international bankers.  Al-Qaeda is described in passing as "an arm of the U.S. intelligence community."  What a bunch of frigging idiots.

This tiresome film does not explain why or how or even what is to be accomplished by this giant conspiracy, or what we should do about it.  It just wants us to be as paranoid as its authors.

This notion of a "high cabal" operating behind the scenes, controlling world events, is nothing new.  Robert Welch of the John Birch Society used to say that the (real) international communist conspiracy was only a front for the real villains, a high cabal known as the Illuminati.  The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was an anti-semitic fraud that sought to prove that Jews were a high cabal seeking to control everything.  Then there are the Masons, often accused of being a secret society with global-political goals, the Bilderbergs, the Skull and Crossbones Society, the Knights Templar, Alexander's Rag Time Band and Joe's Bar & Grill, among others.  Get a program; you can't tell your global conspiracists without a program.

There are indeed forces that wish to erode the sovereignty of western democracies, to be replaced with international laws and courts; the Kyoto Protocol, for instance, was one; the Law of the Sea is another; and a proposed world court in which American forces could be tried for crimes still another.  Cap and trade and global warming are a subterfuge by which income redistribution is to finally be achieved, making the world socialist and accomplishing the economic goals of Marxism under false pretenses.  But Jones & Co go way too far.

Alex Jones and his cabal of talking heads express many opinions in this film, few of which are supported by any facts or evidence.  In many ways they are more leftwing than rightist:  they despise Wall Street, oppose U.S. participation in any and all wars, despise corporations and are opposed to trade treaties like NAFTA.  They not only dislike their own government, they seem to hate it.

The "Obama Deception" is almost pure demagoguery.  Don't waste your time.


Stogie said...

The bankers controlling Stalin? That's funny, that's like the pigs siccing the Big Bad Wolf on the Piglets.

On your comment about the 9/11 inside job theory: A downside of the internet is that when a subject becomes sufficiently emotional charged, particularly to one or more groups of wingnuts (left or right), the wingnut content crowds out anything of value. Try finding a straight discussion of 9/11 on the internet that isn't totally infested with various conspiracy theories.

Stogie said...

Do you have one to suggest?

Stogie said...


Two Questions.....who are these of all controling Man Gods?

....and where can I email them my Resume?

Stogie said...

Don't bother Jr. -- they still haven't sent my last check!   :)

Stogie said...

Stogie - I haven't seen the flick but friends have referenced it and going by what they have said - I have avoided it like the plague. Thanks for the heads up.

Of course though, I still think BHO is the Manchurian candidate of sorts....

Stogie said...

LCR, I agree that BHO was a stealth candidate for the far left.  However, according to Alex Jones, he is the biggest presidential supporter of Wall Street in the history of the U.S.  Ridiculous!

I have to wonder why Alex Jones hasn't been committed, or why many people believe him.