Friday, July 30, 2010

Worthwhile Stories Today on the Internet

There are a lot of interesting stories on the web today.  Here are some of them.

The Real Story of Shirley Sherrod is Still Untold (American Thinker).   Sherrod apparently was behind a racial-gaming scam to grant black farmers $50,000 each for past "discrimination," including other perks, like loan forgiveness. Sherrod profited from the deal herself, getting $330,000 for "mental suffering." Following the Clinton Administration's settlement with the black farmers who sued, thousands more jumped on the band wagon and demanded the same reward, which was granted, to the tune of $1.25 billion dollars paid out of taxpayer funds. The only problem is that the actual number of black farmers is substantially smaller than the thousands who collected.

Snooki Arrested in New Jersey for Disorderly Conduct (TMZ, via Blazing Cat Fur).  This brings up a very important question: who the hell is Snooki, and why should I care?

Coast Guard Screw Ups Caused the Gulf Oil Spill ( Hot Air via Free Will). Hot Air has the story on the latest wrinkle in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It seems that the Coast Guard's botched response to the initial fire contributed, at least in part, to the sinking of the rig which made a bad situation into the (switching to ominous voice) worst oil spill in American history: Did the government cause the oil spill? Obama Administration apparently trying to hush up the story.

Judge Bolton Defangs the Arizona Immigration Bill (Another Black Conservative). Now the Arizona police cannot check the immigration status of criminals arrested for other crimes. Maybe they should just raise the Mexican flag over the White House and be done with it.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
(View From the Right). Chelsea's wedding is almost the perfect storm of liberal cliches. Since Chelsea is a Christian and the groom is Jewish, the wedding will be presided over by both a minister and a Rabbi. Food served at the reception will be vegan/vegetarian, which is Chelsea's position on food intake. VFR points out that both the father of the groom and the father of the bride are both criminals and both will be in attendance.  How quaint.

Communist Answer Coalition Spearheads Immigration Protests in Phoenix (American Power). Communists like anything that erodes American sovereignty and adds to general chaos and costs citizens tax money and social peace. It's all part of the Antonio Gramsci theory of Communist revolution, though Donald doesn't say this.

Those are the best stories I have found. What did I miss?

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