Sunday, October 03, 2010

Anemic Attendance at Pro-Democrat Rally in D.C.

The Democrats had bragged that their big rally in D.C. yesterday would swamp Glenn Beck's rally of a month before.  Aerial photos show the difference in attendance.  The Democrat attendance was but a pale shadow of the Republican rally.  I think we can expect the same difference in enthusiasm come November 2nd.

Democrat Rally October 2, 2010

Republican Rally, August 28, 2010

Via Bare Naked Islam


Stogie Jr said...

LOL!!!! How pathetic is that? Democraps are in for a beating!

Stogie said...

Yeah, the speakers at the Democrat rally were drowned out by the sound of crickets! Har de har har!

Always On Watch said...

And the weather was perfect, too!

I know because I live in the D.C. area and was running a yard sale all day long.

Looking forward to seeing the Dems get trounced in November.