Thursday, October 07, 2010

God's Strange Sense of Humor: Sends Stogie to Work With Muslim Accountants

On Wednesday I responded to a Craig's list ad for a senior CPA for audit and tax, so responded to it.  The poster of the ad called me, gushing over my extensive resume, and asked me to come in and talk to him.  I did.  I knew from his name and accent he was Indian, but did not know that he was a Muslim until I sat down in front of his desk.  He had a beard, and there was a Muslim newsletter laying on his desk.  It was then that I silently spoke to God:  "You really have a strange sense of humor!"

He was a young guy who is facing his third tax season and needs some help.  I found him personally likeable, so said I'd come back the next day and do some work for him and see how it goes.

Today he introduced me to some of his associates, all Muslims.  One was a client; the other was a marketing consultant, complete with white knitted cap, and the other was an employee, a young man who has passed the CPA exam but has no experience.  I found all of them to be very likeable, cheerful and possessing a healthy sense of humor.  They seemed totally accepting of me and I returned their friendliness.

My new associate took me to lunch at an Indian restaurant.  When we returned to the office, he did his afternoon prayers right there in the office, bowing towards Mecca in the middle of the floor.  I didn't mind.  I almost told him to pray for more business, but thought the better of it.

I don't know where this is going to lead, but I will stick with them for awhile, and sincerely try to help them.  I figure God has his reasons for this association and I want to see what they are.  I suspect the lesson to be learned is that, although Islam is a violent, oppressive and cruel ideology, many of its adherents are innocents, sincerely trying to do the right thing and live productive lives.  Many Muslims are decent people.  That said, I doubt that anything can favorably change my opinion of Islam or Muhammad.  However, I can better appreciate Pamela Geller's statement that one can love Muslims even while hating their ideology.

On a side note, my new associate told me he had received 200 resumes the first day he ran the ad.  A lot of people responding to the ad had excellent experience and credentials and some seemed desperate, willing to work for almost nothing.  Achmed, my new associate (not his real name) said that it would be good if we could put some of these unfortunates to work.  In any case, the response to the ad underscores just how bad the job situation is here in Silicon Valley.


Stogie Jr said...

One of God's favorite things is Irony! Go with it Pop money doesn't know religion!

Stogie said...

Jr., yes, capitalism wills out in this situation!

Bartender Cabbie said...

Have you invited them to check out your blog yet?

Anonymous said...

Stogie, please be careful. They say they received 200 answers and they selected you right away without going through the other 199 applications? I don't doubt your professional abilities, but in this time and age, logically it should have taken much longer to select the winner.

And ads on craigslist being free, they are loved by scammers.

Are you 100% sure that these people have absolutely NO inkling concerning your site? One should never ever trust anyone when it comes to a totalitarian ideology. Remember: those nice, friendly Germans had no qualms in delivering their best friends into the hands of the Gestapo as soon as asked. It's not like muslims are known to be more reliable than Europeans.

The followers of these ideologies always find it legitimate to subordinate their feelings to what they perceive as "a higher authority".

So please, Stogie, keep our eyes and your ears wide open.


Stogie said...

Bartender, I haven't directed them to my blog yet. I thought I'd like to keep my head a while longer.

Atikva, I have specific expertise that this Muslim CPA needs for his practice. The main difference between me and the others is that I have 25 years of experience running my own CPA practice; the other candidates were ex-employees.

I will be careful, though, thanks; but this guy seems most interested in making money and getting ahead, and has invested a lot of money in tax and accounting reference books, software and computers. I do believe he is sincere and legit.

Proof said...

Glad to hear you're getting some work.
Who knows what the Providence of God may have in store for you there?

Stogie said...

Thanks Proof. I will take all the help I can get!

Always On Watch said...

I'm sure that I don't have to tell you this, Stogie: Don't visit the web while you're at work -- especially any anti-jihad sites.

Does your new employer have a "jihad beard"?

Stogie said...

AOW, I am an independent contractor with this Muslim, not his employee. But yes, I do know not to visit any anti-jihad sites. Achmed does have a beard, one like Lincoln, it covers only his lower jaw (no mustache).

He seems to be a very nice guy.

Kate said...

Bonjour Stogie , ne faites jamais confiance en eux !Un ami de mon fils lui disait qu'un de ses amis ,musulman, lui avait dit " j'ai beaucoup d'amitiée pour toi ,mais s'il le faut le jour du djihad je te couperai la gorge sans hésiter ! Bien sur ils apprécient vos compétences , mais soyez toujours sur vos gardes , et pas trop amical surtout ,ils sont fourbes !

Stogie said...

Kate says:
Hello Stogie, never place confidence in them! A friend of my son told him that a Muslim told him "I have much friendship for you, but if the day of jihad becomes necessary, I will cut your throat without hesitation!"

Of course he appreciates your competence, but always be on guard and not too friendly, as they are deceitful!

Stogie: Okay Kate, I will keep my eyes open!