Monday, October 04, 2010

Watch Rush Limbaugh on "Family Guy" (Video)

Here's the Seth McFarlane "Family Guy" cartoon that ran on Fox last night.  It features Rush Limbaugh and Brian the dog.  Limbaugh gives liberal Brian one of his books, and Brian becomes a right wing firebrand overnight.

The cartoon has more conservative stereotypes than it does liberal.  It had digs at George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, but hardly mentions Obama.  Was it funny?  Sort of, but like most things liberal, it wasn't really balanced.  All the jokes are anti-conservative, though muted.  McFarlane, the producer of the show, is a flaming liberal, but he held himself somewhat in check for this episode, probably as the price of Rush's participation.  Per Rush today, McFarlane reports being deluged with hate mail from the left for "making Rush look good."


Stogie Jr said...

I watched it last night. It was funny and all but it was more like a stab at the right and he was just using Rush. Rush always talks about Republicans wanting the Media to love them. To me it looks like he should now list his own name in that group. Like I said, it was funny and all but when you lay with pigs don't be surprised when you get muddy!

Stogie said...

Jr., you summed it up quite nicely.

Watch Family Guy Free said...

I watched Family Guy Serial last night,it's very funny show.