Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Hodgepodge: All the News That I Found Interesting This Week

There were a lot of weird and interesting events this past week. Here are some of them:

1. The Geert Wilders trial in the Netherlands took a strange twist when the prosecutors of Wilders advised the judges in the trial that Wilders was innocent and that the charges should be dropped. The judges did not drop the charges and were replaced with new judges. The Farce trial of Geert Wilders, who is charged with inciting hatred against Muslims (for telling the truth about them), goes on towards an uncertain resolution. Some observers are stating that they expect the charges to be dropped and Wilders to be freed.

2. A female version of Geert Wilders has emerged, one Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a Vienna housewife, who must stand trial for "hate speech." The lady held seminars in Vienna to discuss the dangers of Islamization and the violent nature of Islam. VFR has the story here.

Europe has become a very disgusting place. Not only are they failing to address the Islamic threat, they openly support it with the most extreme form of political correctness. No one is allowed to tell the truth about Islam lest they be tried for "hate speech." If you take the most left wing college campus in America and expand it several hundred times, you have the new and modern Europe.

3. Juan Williams, a liberal black man, was fired from National Public Radio for telling the truth about his anxieties over Muslims on airplanes. Williams quoted the Times Square failed bomber at his sentencing, stating that "America's war with Islam was just beginning." Williams went on to say that because of this, the presence of Muslims in Islamic garb on commercial aircraft make him feel anxious. For that he was summarily fired from NPR, demonstrating once again the psychotic nature of liberalism.  NPR's stunt backfired on them badly, causing a tidal wave of public anger over the firing.  Most Americans have had their fill of speech codes and political correctness.

4. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, informed German citizens that Germany was well on the way to becoming an Islamic state (thanks to massive, Muslim immigration). She also stated that in Germany, "multiculturalism has failed." Not only has it failed, she said, it has failed utterly. Merkel went on to say that it is folly to believe that disparate cultures living side by side without assimilating is somehow a good thing. She also stated that Germany is losing its Christian nature and more people are leaving Germany than are entering. Will we learn from Europe's countless mistakes on Islamic immigration, socialized medicine and other follies? Don't count on it.

4. GOP Avalanche predicted for November 2nd. Many are saying that the only thing in question for November 2nd is the size of the Republican tidal wave. Let's hope so, but get to the polls and vote. Take nothing for granted.  We have waited two long, painful years of Obama rule, and now is our chance to strike back!


Always On Watch said...

I hope to be breaking out a bottle of champagne on November 3.

bro said...

I can't wait to rub salt in a lot of libtards wounds hehehheeh

kate said...

En France ,et cela m'étonne , les journalistes commencent à parler de défaite d'Obama (prions le ciel que cela soit )! Chez nous , nous n'avons meme pas le droit de prononçer le mot noir ou arabe ,c'est du raçisme ! mais eux peuvent nous traiter de "sale blanc "! Ce qu'il advient de la France et de L'Europe est une horreur !

Stogie said...

Kate said:
In France, to my astonishment, the journalists are beginning to talk about the defeat of Obama (let us pray to the heavens that it be true)! Over here, we don't even have the right to pronounce the words black or arab, as this is considered racism! However, they can call us dirty whites!

What is happening in France and Europe is a horror!