Friday, October 29, 2010

Left Coast Rebel, Tim Daniel, Debuts on PJTV

Candidate Van Tran, left, is interviewed by Tim Daniel
Tim Daniel, better known as the blogger Left Coast Rebel, made his debut on Pajamas TV.  Tim interviewed Republican candidate Van Tran, who is running for Congress from Orange County against Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

You have to subscribe to PJTV to watch the video, but the sign-up is free, and you can watch many great videos there hereinafter.  Here's the link.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks, Stogie. To be hones, I was reluctant to do this for PJTV. My nerves proved to be raging initially but I eased into it and it eventually went better than I thought it would.

Thanks for the link!

Left Coast Rebel said...

sorry - "honest" not "hones"

Stogie said...

Tim, I was once in Toastmasters for several years. After I realized that the audience isn't that scrupulously critical of a speaker, I just relaxed and "played the role" of the knowledgeable, self-assured speaker. It worked! Nerves are totally unnecessary. Just be yourself, talk conversationally and it will all turn out fine.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Stogie, thanks for the advice and you are correct. The nerves, I think, were more of a by-product of the newness of the situation for me. Like you say here, once I settled in it became more like a normal conversation and flowed well.

As a youngster, I had incredible stage fright as well, shy kid and all, LOL