Friday, October 22, 2010

Brown and Boxer's Campaign Ad Blitz

Jerry Brown demonstrates the
Tantric-Yoga position of the Kama
Sutra, so popular among
California voters.
In the last two weeks before the elections, Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer are hammering their Republican opponents with attack ads.  It seems to be working:  Boxer is up by 2 to 4 points over Carly Fiorina and Brown is up by 5 to 7 points over Meg Whitman.  Those who want continued economic stagnation for the Golden State will have their wish.  We will continue to have high taxes and anti-business politics in California, with the result that both employers and taxpayers will continue fleeing the state.

The only slim hope is that the Californians who support the old socialist retreads will stay home on November 2nd.

How could most Californians support politicians and policies that have turned the state into an economic basket case?  You have to understand the California mindset.  Being fashionable, trendy and au courant is far more important to Californians than whether they have jobs.   Voting is not only a democratic act, it is also a fashion statement.  Political ignorance is considered political brilliance.  And when most Californians shove their heads straight up their asses, this is considered a tantric yoga position and a key element of the kama sutra.

To the uninitiated, this difficult meditative position appears to be the machinations of the politically insane.  To enlightened, tantric-sensitive, kama sutra practitioners (also known as "Californians"), this key yoga position is a sign of great enlightenment.  Most Californians assume this position just before making important political decisions.  Millions are expected to assume the position just before entering the voting booths on November 2nd.  Then after they have voted Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi to new terms in office, the voters will assume a different tantric yoga position:  down on all fours.

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Anonymous said...

the view never changes when we've ignorance as guide.