Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bill Maher Continues His Soft Blackmail of Christine O'Donnell

Bill Maher, the Commie Comedian, continues his soft blackmail of Christine O'Donnell:
Week Three of the Christine O’Donnell comic hostage crisis: As promised, Bill Maher pressed on with his Friday night embarrassment-by-installment campaign. He’s trying, and failing so far, to goad Delaware’s Republican/Tea Party candidate for Senate into appearing on his current HBO show, “Real Time,” by airing wacky comments from her appearances on his old ABC show, “Politically Incorrect.”

The latest clip, like the first one where she explains her teenage flirtation with witchcraft, reveals her affinity for religious experimentation — not to mention Italian food.
Maher is a worm.  Anyone in the public eye or who may run for office should take heed and avoid ever appearing on Maher's show.

Original story here.

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Stogie Jr said...

Bill Maher is nothing but a hating leftist. I really wish he would introduce his pumpkin head to a moving bus!