Saturday, October 02, 2010

Supporting the Progressive Agenda: The "One Nation Working Together" Rally

There is a gathering of liberals and leftists in Washington DC today to "support the progressive agenda."  The rally is called "One Nation Working Together."  The only problem is that there are so many of us who aren't working, i.e. we have no jobs or immediate job prospects.

One attendee told the press:
"We're here to show the rest of the country that there are people who support the progressive agenda," said Ken Bork, who came from Camas, Wash. But he acknowledged that Republicans are enjoying an advantage heading toward the Nov. 2 election that will determine whether Democrats retain control of Congress.

"There may be an enthusiasm gap, but we're not going to know until we have an election," Bork said. "A lot of the noise from the extreme right-wing stuff, it's been well orchestrated by big money. But it's not as bad as they're making it out."
The gathering appears to be an "astroturf" event, organized as public show of support for Democrats, who are expected to lose heavily in the national elections one month from today.

A massive organization for Democrats in the midst of a Democrat-caused depression seems ludicrous at best.  Imagine if half the passengers of the Titanic held a rally for icebergs as the last lifeboat slips away.  Activists would all be drilling holes in the keel to let the water out and save the ship.  "We believe in the iceberg agenda," their leader would say, "the steep incline in the deck is just an illusion, it will soon BLUB BLUB BLUB."

Read all about it here.

Update:  The leftist rally appears to be poorly attended.  Liberal media sites are running photos of the Glenn Beck rally of a month ago, when there really was a large crowd.  Here are some photos of the attendance:
Via Pirate's Cove

Via American Power


Stogie Jr said...

What a bunch of LOSERS!!!!! It looks like the two woman in that last pic aren't missing any food stamps!

Stogie said...

Hee hee! You're right about that one, Jr.!

pjm said...

Off Topic.|main|dl2|sec1_lnk1|174767

Merle Haggard Speaks His Mind


Another great song on the album is 'I've Seen It Go Away.' Is there one thing that you've seen go away in the music industry or elsewhere that you wish would come back?

Merle Haggard:
[Consider the Muslims]. Think about the necessary changes people say we need to make so we can get along with them. I find that appalling. They are coming here, so I think it is necessary they get along with us. Why do we have to make special changes for them? They knocked the [World Trade Center] towers down. The Italians didn't knock the buildings down. The Mexicans didn't do that. Why should [Muslims] be treated well when they did that to us? [Building the mosque near Ground Zero] is not the right thing to do. People lost their lives there and they were murdered by Islamic people. These people should have to pay for it forever. They have done something that is unforgivable. If I'm a racist because I don't think it's right to [build the mosque], then so be it. I find it unacceptable what they are proposing.

Stogie said...

Hooray for Merle Haggard! "An Okie From Muskogee"!