Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jerry Brown, an Old Socialist Retread, is Bad for California

Jerry Brown:  Old Socialist Retread
Occasionally I hear friends or band mates mumbling about how they will move out of the state if Meg Whitman is elected governor. I have to wonder what on earth they are thinking.  Are they against jobs and prosperity?  What do they think creates prosperity?

In all probability, they won't have to move out of the state.  Brown will be elected in this uber-blue state.  It will be I who will have to leave the state, following the outward flood of businesses and citizens out of Moonbat Heaven.

Those outbound businesses are leaving for good reason.  California is hostile and punishing to business.  Business is what gives people jobs and creates products and services that make our lives easier, and creates tax revenues in the process.  That's something our bankrupt state needs to keep paying the bloated benefits of our militant unionized state workers.  Californians, however, have a long history of shooting themselves in the foot.  They will vote for the opposite of what California needs.  So what are the choices for governor in November?

On the one hand, we have Moonbat Brown, who has never created a job or met a payroll in his life, whose legislative career has been about suing businesses and increasing taxes, organizing farm workers and Vietnam war protests.   Brown is one of those insular leftists who hasn't a clue as to how the economy works. He doesn't understand economic theory, let alone its actual practice. He is a living, breathing symbol of everything that is wrong with the politically neurotic state of California:  all show, posing and posturing without substance.

Will Meg Whitman be better?  She has some hopeful signs.  She has not only met a payroll, she took EBay from a 30 employee company to one with 15,000 employees.  She has a real-world, working knowledge of building wealth and creating jobs.  Her knowledge of economics is based on actual practice as well as theory.

I suspect she has an insight or two about how to make California friendlier to business and staunch the outbound stampede of employers and jobs.  Jerry Brown doesn't have those insights.  He has only his far left inclinations, marinated into his bones by a lifelong immersion into radical politics and hippy culture, with its peace symbols and clouds of pot smoke.  He sees business as something that the public must be protected against, and he will protect us: from jobs, prosperity and solvency.

The question is, will Californians finally end their protracted adolescence and finally grow up?  Don't hold your breath.


bro said...

We love Ca politicians in Nevada, business is leaving that insane asylum and moving here. You should wake up and move here too . I still have a great house you can live in bro

E. Madden said...

It's not the whole state that's the problem:

Draw a line 50 miles inland, split coastal California off from the rest of the state, and kick it out of the Union. It has no interest in being part of America anyway. As a matter of fact, continue that line all the way up the coast until you hit Canada.

E. Madden said...

Notice that Hawaii is on the western side of that line, they're out too. That would make Obama's supposed birthplace officially a foreign country.

Always On Watch said...

Brown will be elected in this uber-blue state.

Gah! That's really a nasty thought. But likely true, from what I know of California.

Stogie Jr said...

If California, Washington, Connecticut, Nevada, Delaware, etc vote these idiot Dems back into office then those states deserve what they get. I've had it! If I am going to live in a socialist country I will move back to Canada. Might as well live in a country that has experience spending other peoples money!

Stogie Jr said...


Not until you get rid of Reid! Nevada is one of the states with the highest unemployment. If these company's are moving to Nevada they aint hiring American Workers!

Anonymous said...

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May I use some of the information from your post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


Stogie said...

Jules, use whatever you like.

Peter said...

Some years back my sister wanted to sell her sidehill "minifarm" up in the Gold Rush country, uphill from Sacramento and move to equally mountainous Nevada or Arizona. Even back then , just before Ah-Nuld, they could not sell and get the same size property as they had.

There are a helluva lot of people, especially retirees trapped in California. And, yes, they're trapped by the madness of three cities, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento. Damned shame.

When my Mama died, my quarter interest in the house she bought with her sister, after my stepdad died, in Roseville was enough to finish paying off everything so that we could retired five years or so sooner than we'd planned. Of course, we live in Texas. Stupid California. All that beauty, all that wonderful farmland, all those natural resources, and they're killing the state. And, worse, the crowd in the White House is trying to do that to the whole country.

kate said...

Bonjour Stogie, j'espère que votre candidat républicain gagne ,que les gens ouvrent les yeux sur ce qui se passe en Californie . En France ,je me demande vraiment comment les gens (de GAUCHE bien sur )et surtout les fonctionnaires ,peuvent agir comme ils le font actuellement ,ils détruisent et paralysent le pays ! ce qui se passe actuellement chez nous est une honte !Honte à la gauche !

Stogie said...

Peter, yes California is lovely: great views and great climate. The libs have ruined it. The utter stupidity and immaturity of California voters knows no bounds.

Stogie said...

Kate says:
Hello Stogie, I hope your Republican candidate wins, that the people open their eyes to what is happening in California. In France, I ask myself how the people (on the LEFT of course) and especially government officials, are able to act as if they are doing anything but destroying and paralyzing the country! What's happening over here is a disgrace! A disgrace by the left!

Stogie: Yes, Kate; I see what the unions are doing over there, throwing temper tantrums because of the raise in retirement age from 60 to 62! These idiots do not understand that such benefits must be paid for, they are not without cost, and there is only so much taxation that a country can stand!
Over here, the federal government is raising the age of retirement from 65 to 67!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I promise you neither my wife nor I will be voting for Reid. I'd sooner vote for Lance Malone who did time for corruption before I vote for Reid again.

bro said...

Well I rented the house we inherited.

1389 said...

That's a great "retread" graphic - sums up Jerry Brown pretty well.

Too bad Ronald Reagan is no longer around.