Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SF Giants Win First Game of the World Series, 11 - 7

The first game of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers was a high scoring affair, one of the most exciting games I've seen all year.  The Giants prevailed 11 - 7, but the Rangers showed themselves to be a tough team even in defeat.  This won't be a cake walk for either team.  Still, I am gratified that my team, the Giants, won the first game.

The Giants' "bull pen," their reserve of pitchers, wear beards, or at least, most of them do.  Hence the Giants' slogan, "Fear the Beard," with many fans wearing fake beards in the stands.  See video for more details.


Anonymous said...

This would, of course, be the only venue in which the outcome of a group of Texans fighting a group of San Franciscans might be in doubt.

Stogie said...

Tsk tsk, Anon, don't be bitter. There are potentially six games left, and I don't expect the Giants to sweep, not by any means.

Anonymous said...

I blame Boooooshh!

pjm said...

Anonymous.... let's not forget "The Catch!!!

pjm said...

Below a Texan that has fallen to the siren of San Francisco. As much as this city can piss me off... it's a special place to call home.


By Steve Blow, The Dallas Morning News

Oct. 29--SAN FRANCISCO -- So I had my fun lampooning San Francisco stereotypes in an earlier column. And banter with Giants fans here has been lively.

But what I'm also forced to admit: I love this place.

I'd even be happy to see these folks win a World Series -- in any match-up that doesn't include a team from Texas.

But this visit has also been a tad bittersweet -- unrelated to disaster on the baseball field.

Roaming around here has reminded me just how far we still have to go in Dallas to create the vibrant urban experience that is fundamental to great cities.

Sure, take scenic beauty off the table. Dallas will never be bordered by ocean on three sides. And I don't think the Trinity project is going to substitute.

But we can certainly aspire to the lively mix of people and pursuits that makes cities special.

We're starting to get it in pockets around downtown and Uptown and Oak Cliff. But it's mile after mile in San Francisco. You start walking and don't want to stop. Each block offers something new to see -- or smell or taste.

Stogie said...

PJM, your point is very well taken. California is a very beautiful state and has the best climate anywhere in the world. I don't know, things will have to get pretty bad before I leave it, as much as I despise the liberals who have ruined its economy.