Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dede Scozzafava as Benedict Arnold (Photoshop)

The Other McCain has a post today about Dede Scozzafava, a Republican congressional candidate from New York who was beaten in the primary by a more conservative candidate.  Scozzafava then spitefully threw her support to the Democrat candidate and the seat was lost to the Democrats.

Now the new Democrat Governor of New York has rewarded Scozzafava for her party treason by appointing her to office in New York.

McCain says that Dede Scozzafava should be a pariah to Republicans from now on, and I do agree, though the liberal Dede was never a Republican in philosophy anyway.  She is, like so many RINOs, only out for herself.  She is not concerned with future generations, individual liberty, constitutional government or a vibrant economy.  She is in it for personal glory and remuneration.

In any case, McCain's post inspired a new Photoshop, and it is included herein.  I love doing Photoshop and practice only improves my skills.  So here's to you, McCain:  Dede Scozzafava as Benedict Arnold.  May this Photoshop travel far and wide through the internet to remind Dede and her friends that Dede has sold herself to the devil.

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