Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Violent and Hateful: Leftist T Shirt Features Rifle Scope on Sarah Palin

Surveyor Marks
Left Wing Hatred
Yesterday it was disclosed that the so-called "cross-hairs" in the Sarahpac map were actually a surveyor's mark, of the type that is often used on maps.  Today some leftists have posted the right side graphic as their response:  an image of Sarah Palin's head in a rifle scope, with the slogan, "Calm down!  It's just a surveyor's mark!"

Why do surveyor marks resemble the cross-hairs of a rifle scope?  Because surveyors use a scope of their own, with cross-hairs, as a tool for measuring the dimensions of land.  How do you tell which is which?  By the context in which it is used.  If such marks are on a map, it is likely they are a surveyor's mark.  If such a mark is on the face of a nationally known political figure, it is obvious the mark is intended to be a rifle's scope.  The image above right (used on a T shirt) is another leftist call for assassination, thinly disguised as a joke.  Who then are the purveyors of hatred and the advocates of violence?

Hat tip to Proof Positive.


dave said...

In France, the left newspapers (in fact, all the newspapers !!) said since 3 days : it's all Palin's Fault !!

The lies are so enormous that I can't believe french people trust them !! But the brainwash is so big since 2 years (to resume, for the french newspaper, Obama is a living god and the Tea Parties is the antichrist !!), that frenchs are certains that the deads in Tucson is tied with the GOP !!

I copy every days some of your articles !! It's a little fight for freeing the brain of french people !! But it's very hard !!

Stogie said...

Dave, thank you so much for writing.

I link to several conservative French blogs and it is good to have friends like you in France.

Do you have a blog? If so, send me the link.

1/12/2011 9:56 AM

Stogie said...

Dave -- I see that you are a writer for the excellent French blog Pensee Neoconservatrice. Thanks for linking to Saber Point!

The Griper said...

if that is a surveyor's mark then it must be measuring something that would be of interest to a surveyor so if that question cannot be given an answer then it cannot be a surveyor's mark.