Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Man Fired for Using the N Word in a Staff Discussion About...the N Word

From the Theater of the Absurd comes another scary "Tales from the Politically Correct."  Tom Burlington, a Fox News anchor was present in a staff meeting to discuss the "N word," and how it had been symbolically buried by a local chapter of the NAACP in Philadelphia.

Burlington asked his colleagues whether it was now okay again to use the word "nigger."  Needless to say, a member of the Perpetually Offended and Sacrosanct Special Victims Tribe was astonished:  "I can't believe you just said that!" she exclaimed.  Upon the utterance of this word, although used in context within a discussion of that same word, black people within hearing distance instantly turned into pillars of salt.  Well, some of them.  The others just crapped their pants.

This created quite a mess that someone had to clean up, leading to Burlington's firing.

He uttered a WORD.  He did not use it as an insult or use it to express hatred; he just used it.  That was enough.  This tribe of sacred Dalai Llamas who dwell among us must be offered great deference and respect, and it takes years of training for most of us to walk on eggshells without breaking them.  Obviously, Burlington hadn't yet mastered this skill.

Burlington claims the Philadelphia blacks who "buried" the word had used the same word "hundreds of times" in public, and wonders why its frequent and casual use among blacks is under different rules than for whites.

To appease the Dalai Llama Tribe of the Preferentially Protected and Perpetually Pissed-off (the PPPP), Burlington was fired.  No one can ever offend any black person anywhere, anytime for any reason, even inadvertently.  This speech code has now been tattooed on the brains of the current generation.  It is not just a sin, it is a crime, probably to become a capital offense sometime in the near future.

As for burying things, isn't it time that we buried the farce of this "politically correct" race-baiting tyranny?

Read it all here.


Donald Douglas said...

I'm not surprised at all.

Great post, Stogie.

Stogie said...

Thanks Donald.

The Griper said...

let it be so according to my will sayeth the offended minority.

Amusing Bunni said...

Good One Stogie!
This is beyond crazy. I hope the guy sues them for wrongful termination.

You just can't say anything anymore at work, about anything at all these days. Let's all pretend we're mutes, that should do it.

Stogie said...

Bunni, the guy is suing them for wrongful termination. I hope he wins his case.