Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fred Phelps, Secret Gay Seeking Sodomy? Plans to Picket Funeral of 9 Year Old Girl Killed in Arizona

Fred Phelps Hate Group Pickets Funerals
Fred Phelps, a Democrat and extreme hater, is the so-called pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.  Phelps and his entourage hate gays with an unbridled passion.  They regularly picket the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, with signs denouncing homosexuality, and thanking God for killing soldiers and gays.  They see the soldiers' deaths as being God's payback for our non-persecution of homosexuals.

Now That's Some Real Vitriol: Phelps
Protester Prays for Soldier Deaths
Phelps appears to be nuts himself.  One can only wonder if his hatred of gays is his own reaction to his own incipient homosexuality, a way of suppressing his secret desires to be sodomized.  Why else would the man present himself to the public as a giant anus?  I rest my case.

Now Fred (Seeking Sodomy) Phelps has plans to picket the funeral of 9 year old Christina Green, a precious child who was killed by Loughner's hail of bullets in Arizona last Saturday.  Phelps seems to enjoy stoking widespread hatred of himself and this is the lowest yet he has descended into the cesspool.  Unfortunately, Phelps's atrocious behavior has been upheld by the courts as protected speech.

Michelle Malkin has a post about a group of "angels" who show up at funerals that are picketed by Phelps and his hate group.  The angels wear large white wings and form a circle around the funeral attendees, so they won't have to see the Phelps protesters.  Let's hope that there are many new angels to join the group and make that circle very large.

UPDATE:  Fred Phelps died March 19, 2014.  God decided to apply the Law of Karma on Phelps, and has reincarnated him as a condom in a gay San Francisco bath house.  Enjoy the afterlife, Fred.


Bartender Cabbie said...

Angels? Did not know of that. I think a better solution would be to have the Bandidos deny Westboro freaks their "civil rights." Your post reminds me a bit of the recent rant of Chris Mathews when a congressman was dressed in SS garb as a historical re-enactor. Chris mentioned something about the whole thing being homo-erotic. I then understood where Mathews' head was. It is interesting that some, especially in public life, demonize things that may actually be personally torturing them. Remember Jimmy Swaggert ranting about fornication and such. Turns out he was a bit of a fornicator himself. I would suspect that Mathews may secretly enjoy a bit of "homo erotica" and this Westboro freak may be battling the fact that has a perhaps homosexual personal make up. Just speculation of course.

Adobe Walls said...

As reported by Greta on Fox the state legislature rushed a bill thru that creates a buffer between protesters and the funeral of a child. I also believe there will be a large turnout of all stripes to create a wall of people between the protesters and the families.

Stogie said...


I don't really know if Phelps has gay tendencies or not, but I am sure it will really piss him off if people spread that rumor! So I'm spreading it.

Adobe Walls,

Glad to hear it. If I lived in Arizona I would be there for sure.

shemp said...

It's a well-known psychological feature called reaction-formation. True homophobia (not the liberal left media propaganda use of it) is a result of suppressed or latent homosexual urges. I'd say there's a very good chance that Stogie's comment is more than just comic irony. I think there is likely some kinky, weird, leather-lined truth lurking there.

PatriotDude said...

Matthews got a thrill up his middle leg for our faggot President!!