Thursday, January 06, 2011

Robert Stacy McCain Storms Washington!

R.S. McCain at the Capitol
Blogger Robert Stacy McCain is putting his many years as a professional journalist to use.  He is in Washington, D.C. reporting on the first day of the new Republican congressional representatives.  I do envy Robert in one way, he lives near Washington, D.C. and can be physically present at important events like this.  If you are going to blog about national politics, this is a supreme advantage.

At one time, McCain was a reporter for the Washington Times and made a lot of contacts in and around Washington, D.C.  Now he is establishing himself as a self-employed writer and journalist, yet still manages to support a wife and five offspring.

Read all about it here.  And hit his tip jar if you can.  I mean, jeesh, five kids!  He actually has six children but the eldest daughter got married about a year ago.

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