Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is Irresponsible and Extreme

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik
I believe that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a flaming jackass.

Oh I'm sorry, is my opinion about Sheriff Dupnik "vitriol"?

Well then, what about Dupnik's opinion that Rush Limbaugh caused the Arizona shootings?  Would that qualify as vitriol?  And if someone takes a shot at Rush Limbaugh, will Dupnik take the blame?

Dupnik is an irresponsible public official who is making reckless statements to the press.  He is a died-in-the-wool Democrat who is abusing his office for partisan political purposes.

Dupnik told ABC that Rush Limbaugh's radio commentary is "vitriol" that may have motivated the crazy Jared Loughner into shooting several people in Arizona on Saturday.  Dupnik offers not a single example of Limbaugh's alleged vitriol, because he can't.  I doubt if Dupnik has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh at all.  He is just repeating lies that he heard from other partisan Democrats.  Rush is rarely angry and sticks to facts, though those facts no doubt anger liberals very much.  Dupnik's slander of Limbaugh is false and irresponsible in the extreme.  It has no basis in fact.

Ever since the shootings, Dupnik has been using the tragedy to make partisan political points and slander Republicans.  There is a current in today's news, however, that suggests it may be Dupnik himself who is to blame for the killings.  Apparently, Dupnik ignored death threats by Loughner that were reported to him, preferring to take no preventative action at all.  Dupnik should resign.

UPDATE: an Arizona Republic editorial chastises Dupnik for his own vitriol and partisan, unprofessional behavior. They write:
Dupnik needs to recall that he is elected to be a lawman. With each additional comment, the Democratic sheriff of Pima County is revealing his agenda as partisan, and, as such, every bit as recklessly antagonistic as the talk-show hosts and politicians he chooses to decry.

My point exactly.

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