Thursday, January 13, 2011

Liberal Response to Palin's Speech: Obsess About the Term "Blood Libel"

Liberal media conspire and coordinate their response to current events like shady figures out of an Oliver Stone film.  You can tell this is true by the nearly identical response throughout the mainstream media and liberal blogosphere on any given topic.  This identical response is called "talking points" by Democrat strategists, and its purpose is to make the script seem legitimate and widespread.

The script to Sarah Palin's speech yesterday was to seize on her use of the term "blood libel."  Every chattering squirrel in the Democrat propaganda system began decrying the use of the term as wrong, inappropriate, antisemitic or outrageous.  The disingenuous and biased Washington Post claimed that "Sarah Palin's effort to defuse controversy backfires with 'blood libel' comment."  Her speech, of course, didn't "backfire," but the liberal media want the public to believe that it did.  The Washington Post, like most of the liberal media, are attempting to influence events rather than merely report on them.

True, the term "blood libel" like the word "pogrom" had its origins in antisemitism and the slander of Jews.  That, however, does not restrict its broader use in situations that are highly analogous.  In fact, I used the term "blood-libel" to describe the Left's smears before Sarah Palin did, here, in the second to the last paragraph.

 As Legal Insurrection points out:
In fact, as Jim Geraghty of National Review Online documents, the use of the term "blood libel" in political discourse is common both on the left and the right to describe incendiary false accusations which tend to blame a person for inciting violence and making the person a target of violence.

Much like the use of the term "holocaust" (e.g., nuclear holocaust) is not used in the strict sense of The Holocaust, the use of the term "blood libel" does not offend the traditional meaning of the term.

The looser, more modern usage of the term certainly seems to fit here.
The Anti-Defamation League has stated that the term "blood-libel" is now used in common parlance to refer to those who are falsely accused.  

So why is the Left trying so hard to make an issue out of Palin's legitimate use of the term?  Simple:
1.  To redirect attention away from what Palin said by focusing on an irrelevancy;
2.  To dilute the impact of Palin's charge that she was slandered by the Democrat Left;
3.  To support the long standing leftist meme that Palin is stupid, insensitive and uninformed (and thus reduce her effectiveness in future political endeavors).

There you have it, folks:  another Democrat propaganda effort in full swing.  Be ye not fooled.

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