Sunday, January 09, 2011

"Never Let a Good Tragedy Go To Waste": Democrat Readies Gun Control Bill in Wake of Arizona Shootings

The Democrats assault on constitutional liberties is ruthless and relentless.  Now one of them will attempt to capitalize on the Arizona shooting tragedy by introducing another attempt to whittle away Second Amendment gun rights.

Yes, they're right:  if no one could legally own guns, it would be more difficult for the criminally insane to get a gun and go on a shooting spree.  If no one could legally own cars, there would be no traffic deaths.  However, the cure is more deadly than the condition it is designed to cure.


Stogie Jr said...

It shows the ignorance of the left. If they think getting rid of guns will stop this sort of thing then they are gravely mistaken. There deduction of human behavior is as off as their math skills. Trying to take away our guns will only cause more of these types of incidents. We all know this is not about safety, it's about control. One more thing that will allow them to try and build their imaginary utopia. Once again showing their ignorance of human behavior. We have the society we have now personally brought to you by folks at the DNC. Voting this Star Trek crowd out of office is the only chance this country has.

My first thoughts on this travesty was, what if we made the gun laws more lenient? What if anyone could just go buy a gun? It just might make you think twice about robbing a bank if there is a chance the old lady behind you in line cashing her social security check is toting a Tournament grade Colt.45! How many shootings in this country have we read about, or witnessed, could of been stopped if some had a damn gun on them?!

Stogie Jr said...

This is just another case of the Left blaming the gun, the SUV, the meat eaters, the white race, the Christians, and Christmas, on an object rather then human being. Once again revealing their leftist college education on human behavior. Let me ask you this. If you take your car to a mechanic for an engine knock and he charges you 500 bucks, yet the knock remains. Do you blame the Mechanic or do you blame the wrench and tool box?

...and for those of you that will say, "But the wrench is a non lethal item!" ...obviously you have never held a 1/4 inch drive Snap On Torque wrench in your hands!

Kee Bird said...

Leave it to a bunch of dirty liberal lowlifes to use this incedent to further their radical cuase already narrow minded hollywood blabbermouths like BILL MAHER is blamming the 2nd AMENDMENT just like any typical bottom dwelling muck suckers like his ilk dose