Monday, January 10, 2011

Must Read: the Left's Long Legacy of Hatred and Violence

Leftist Illustration Advocating Violence
Against Sarah Palin
Leftist T Shirt Advocating
Presidential Assassination
Michelle Malkin has documented the most recent examples of the Left's political hatred and advocacy of violence against Republicans and conservatives.  It is a long list and can be viewed here.

So-called "mainstream" newspapers like the New York Times continually impugn conservatives by insinuating conservative beliefs cause violence like the Arizona shootings; however, they offer no proof beyond insinuation and innuendo.  With the left, however, there is no insinuation, just the brazen advocacy of violence and hatred against those on the Right.  Graphic descriptions appear in leftist websites and rallies and are completely ignored by the leftwing "mainstream" press, most notably the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times.

Leftist Poster Advocating Presidential Assassination
Of course, the real reason for making false accusations against conservative politicos is not to arrive at any fair semblance of the truth.  The real goal is to suppress conservative thought and political arguments.  The purveryors of the Left's blood libel are hoping that conservatives will self-censor, refrain from rebutting leftist arguments or making vigorous counter-arguments, for fear of being accused of causing violence.

The transparent hypocrisy of the liberal left is breathtaking in its sheer audacity.

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