Monday, December 16, 2013

Atheists Demand Florida Town Remove Nativity Scene; Town Officials Say "Piss Off"

With all of the ignorance of the Constitution and original intent, modern judges have often ruled that religious scenes cannot be displayed on government owned property.  This is absolute nonsense.

Federal judges are, for the most part, agents of their statist and leftist masters, not defenders of the Constitution.  They have allowed atheists and other grinches and scrooges to dictate their foul preferences to our traditionally Christian culture.  This usually takes the form of some bullying leftist group to sue or threaten to sue anyone who displays a nativity scene in the public square at Christmas time.

Finally, someone has the gonads to tell the atheists, as represented by the culturally Marxist "Freedom From Religion" abomination, to piss off.  The Mayor and town council of Chipley, Florida told "Freedom From Religion" that they will not remove their nativity scene from City Hall.

Read about it here.

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Always On Watch said...

Finally! Some good news! God knows that good news these days is sparse.