Monday, December 16, 2013

South Africa's Slow Genocide of White Residents: an Ongoing Tragedy

South African singer Tina Schouw holds a poster of
murdered rape victim Anene Booysen in Cape Town.
Photograph: Sue Kramer/Demotix/Corbis
If you can stomach it, American Thinker has an article describing atrocities committed by Mandela's party on white South Africans.  These atrocities include the savage murders of small children, who were killed in especially cruel ways after witnessing the murder of their parents.

The bestial savages who committed these crimes against humanity deserve a specially hot place in Hell.  However, we can do nothing for their dead victims.  We can and should do something for the white South Africans who remain in that African hell-hole.  Rape and murder of white girls and women is commonplace. (See photo of protest against rape.)

The American Thinker article by Selwyn Duke reports the fact that around twenty whites are murdered each day in Mandela's nation of South Africa. Around 70,000 whites have been murdered there since 1994. The ethnic cleansing of white Afrikaners is an on-going tragedy.

In a more perfect world, the United States would seek and allow for the unrestricted immigration of those white survivors into the United States.  Imagine that -- white immigrants!  Now there's something new.

Read the article here:  White-Washing Mandela's Memory

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