Sunday, December 08, 2013

If You're White, You're a Racist. White Racism and Oppression: It's Everywhere! (Photoshop)

Yesterday American Power reported on a black, female college teacher, one Shannon Gibney, who was reprimanded by her college administrators.  Gibney began preaching her "racism-is-everywhere" meme to her class on Mass Communications at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  White oppression, dontcha know.  White privilege.  Blah blah blah.

It seems some of her white students felt uncomfortable being painted as villains and filed a grievance complaint with the college.  Gibney was then found to be creating a "hostile work environment" for white students and was reprimanded for same.  She subsequently filed a lawsuit against the college for...guess what?  Racial discrimination.

 It seems Gibney is obsessed with "structural racism," which is another term for "institutional racism."  She is so obsessed with it that she just can't stop talking about it, even in her college classes that have nothing to do with race.    RAAAAAAACISM!  It is her Raison d'Être.

I googled "structural racism" to find out what it is.  Apparently, it alleges that our cultural and societal norms, standards and attitudes somehow prevent racial minorities equal access to jobs, education, housing, bank loans, health care, justice, etc. Examples given are usually archaic practices and laws long since removed, or to myths, such as IQ tests being culturally biased against blacks (they aren't).  It is because of this pernicious, built-in racism, which suffuses every law, tradition, business transaction and societal institution, that many blacks just can't get a break.  If they are jobless, in jail, drunk or high, or killed by gangstas, it isn't their fault -- if you're white, it's YOUR fault.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

With the leftists in Academia constantly ululating "racism," one gets the impression that racism radiates outward from white skin, like a  Martian death ray, or perhaps the infection imparted by lepers.  People of European extraction are unwitting transmitters of these evil emanations, which are to blame for everything wrong in the black community.  Racism is therefore akin to radioactive poisoning, and Shannon Gibney and her ilk are the Geiger counters.

Basically, "structural racism" is a leftist myth used to justify income redistribution, equality of results rather than opportunity, social engineering and racial Balkanization. At the same time it is psy-ops designed to reduce opposition to leftist memes, policies and goals, through imparting to whites an unjustified guilt for imaginary wrongs, and to blacks a feeling of perpetual victimization and race-based paranoia.

Finally, it is a a built-in excuse for the black underclass, relieving them of accountability for their own poor life choices and societal dysfunction.  And if there is one thing the left absolutely abhors, it is personal accountability.

That's the way I see it anyway.


Always On Watch said...

I'm so sick of this constant chorus of "Racist" that I could scream.

General Robert E. Rodes said...

Some of the most racist policies in history were products by "white guilt". Take a look at Indian Reservations or the Stolen Generations in Australia. Both policies were put forward by progressives as a means to "correct" the mistakes of their ancestors by "protecting" indigenous populations from mistreatment and wound up screwing them over instead. Foolhardy Liberals just don't seem to get that their obsession with racism only winds up proliferating it.

General Robert E. Rodes said...

Just in care you're interested...

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