Saturday, December 07, 2013

Was Nelson Mandela an Anti-Semite?

Mandela and Arafat
Today the Drudge Report's headline is "World Prepares for Biggest Funeral Since Churchill."  The funeral referred to is that of Nelson Mandela, former terrorist, Communist and revolutionary.  Oh yes, and also the first black president of the nation of South Africa, with emphasis on "black."  To our leftist culture, having a dark epidermis trumps all other facts, even the most negative ones.

However, more facts are coming to light about Mandela that cannot be ignored.  One of those is that he was an anti-Semite who hated Israel and supported the so-called Palestinians, who want Israel and its Jews to disappear.  Since Mandela's reign, South Africa has boycotted trade with Israel.  According to an op-ed in Israel National News, Mandela was an enemy of Israel:
Mandela always made it clear that those who are the enemies of the Jews are not necessarily his enemies.

In 2000, the American Jewish Committee canceled a Washington luncheon scheduled to honor Mandela after he said that 13 Jews tried for “espionage” in Iran were receiving a “fair trial”.

Mandela laid a wreath on the grave of Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Iranian revolution, warmly greeting his successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “We are indebted to the Islamic Revolution”, Mandela proclaimed. It is the same Mandela who claimed that Communist Cuba had achieved the “systematic eradication of racism”.

In 1990, Mandela likened Israel to a “terrorist state” and declared that “we do not regard the PLO as a terrorist organization. If one has to refer to any parties as a terrorist state, one might refer to the Israeli government because they are the people who are slaughtering defenseless and innocent Arabs in the occupied territories”.
Mandela may be a hero to many, but not to me.  His having a funeral that is the "biggest since Churchill" only shows how screwed up this world had become.

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