Saturday, December 28, 2013

I hate injustice, So I REALLY don't like Brett Kimberlin

There is one thing that really angers and animates me, and that is injustice.

The injustice can be culturally or socially derived -- like the late sliming of Phil Robertson and Justine Sacco, or legally derived, like the bogus prosecution of Amanda Knox for a crime she clearly had nothing to do with, or the politically motivated prosecution of George Zimmerman or the Duke Lacrosse team.  Other examples include biased media coverage, frivolous lawsuits like those brought by Brett Kimberlin, and SWATting crimes against various bloggers, which could have possibly resulted in their deaths.

I don't care if the injustice is directed at conservatives or liberals, straight or gay, white or black.  I just hate injustice.  Making innocent people suffer, merely to satisfy the spite or political ambitions of their accusers -- that is a call to action for me as a blogger.

My latest passion is helping the victims of Brett Kimberlin, a notorious felon with a long and odious criminal past -- and I would not be surprised to learn that his criminal career is not limited to the past.  What role, if any, did Brett Kimberlin play in the SWATting of Patrick Frey, Eric Erickson, Aaron Walker?  Does he know who initiated these criminal acts?

What role, if any, did Brett Kimberlin play in the recent DDOS attack on the website  Does he know who did it?

And finally, I detest Kimberlin's filing of false and frivolous lawsuits against his political enemies, with little hope of actually winning the cases, merely to punish them for telling the truth about Kimberlin's odious crimes.  This is a gross abuse of the legal system, in my opinion.  Does Kimberlin's Parole Board know about these controversies?  Do they even care?

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