Friday, December 20, 2013

Phil Robertson and Gay Stuff: Stogie's Deep Philosophical Discussion About Same

Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty"
Phil Robertson, patriarch of the family featured in the TV series "Duck Dynasty" is under considerable fire this week.  Seems he was interviewed by GQ magazine, and asked his opinion about homosexuality.  Since Roberston is a devoted Christian, his opinion was bound to enrage many gays and gay organizations.

What is the Christian opinion?  It is that homosexuality is a sin, a violation of the laws of God, and practitioners thereof are going to Hell.  Roberson also questioned whether a man's anus is a preferable choice to a woman's vagina when making whoopee.  How dare he!

The religious abhorrence to homosexuality is based on a long tradition, dating back to the legend of Sodom and Gomorrah, where God is said to have destroyed these cities and killed everyone therein, for their widespread practice of gay sex.

Polygamy, on the other hand, was practiced by many Biblical patriarchs with nary a word of disapproval by God. However, very few Christians would defend that practice in today's world.  The point is this:  time passes and things change.

Here's my take on the whole thing, and I doubt anyone will like what I believe.

1.  Gay people are not going to go to Hell, because Hell does not exist (in my opinion).  Even if it did, I doubt God would give two hoots in Hell who someone sleeps with.  I know at least one gay couple (one of whom is an in-law) who recently married in California, and I have no doubt that they sincerely love each other.  Their 19 year relationship is based on a lot more than lust and sex.  They make each other happy and are harming no one.

2.  Still, I view this gay couple's sexual orientation to be something of a tragedy, or at the very least, a disadvantage  They will never know the joy of children.  I am not totally repulsed by their relationship, but I do view it with a vague aversion.  It's like a bad smell, however faint, that is always there.  It won't kill me, but I don't find it pleasant either.  However, neither of these gays is obligated to live his life to please me or anyone other than himself.  Personally, I like both of them and enjoy their company.  I do not socially ostracize them; however, I have a very leftwing, pro-Obama sister, and I do not associate with her -- because her political orientation thoroughly disgusts and offends me.

3.  I am not a Christian fundamentalist, and I don't really care who said what in the Bible.  So please don't quote scripture at me.  The problem with established religion is that it is an ideology that is frozen in time, it offers absolutes and is never updated for new paradigms, values or standards. Strict adherence to religious texts is like putting your brain in a small cage:  it is never allowed to stray beyond fixed boundaries.  However, I recognize that many Christians don't see it my way, Phil Robertson being one of them.  My advice to him would be:  don't pronounce religious judgment on gays, because you do not speak for God and do not know what path the Almighty has assigned them, or for what purpose.

4.  Phil Robertson has a right to his opinions and his religion.  Leave him alone.  I absolutely support Robertson's right to freely and truthfully express his opinions, as long as they are not hateful (and they were not). If you don't want to know his opinions, don't ask him to express them.  Severe social ostracism and loss of employment for holding non-leftwing views is not acceptable and we should not tolerate it.

5.  Homosexuality is the orientation of a decided minority of citizens, and heterosexuals naturally find it unnatural and even disgusting.  Therefore, gays should respect the sensibilities of the vast majority, by not practicing affectionate or romantic displays in public.  Likewise, Hollyweird should stop rubbing our faces in the glories of gayness, by over-representing gays and over-emphasizing gayness in movies and TV series (like "Glee").

I smoke cigars, and many people find the smell offensive -- so I do not smoke them in public places or near other people who might object.  If I can be sensitive to the sensibilities of others who may not enjoy cigars (the rotten bigots), so can gays about their sexual orientation.  It is simple manners, folks.

6.  Homosexuality exists and has existed for millenia.  It isn't going away.  Gays will not become straight, no matter how mean we are to them.  So the obvious solution is "Live and Let Live."  Gays should not be discriminated against in employment, bullied, denounced or punished.  Leave them alone.  Anything else is self-defeating and self-destructive, particularly to the goals of conservatism.

That's the way I see it, anyway.  If you disagree, I really don't care -- none of us has the power to see the whole truth.  Feel free to disagree, and we will still be friends.


Always On Watch said...

Why is it that only gays and Leftists can speak without the kind of hue and cry that we're being subjected to since Robertson's interview with GQ?

I really don't give a damn if somebody is gay or straight, but I don't want the gay agenda in my face all the time.

I wonder if it will soon be a hate crime to be straight? Just askin'.

Stogie Chomper said...

I agree. What I most resent is having gayness rubbed in our faces by Hollywood. Their message is that gayness is as normal and as acceptable as heterosexual love and sex, and is to be publicly celebrated, as if it were some noteworthy achievement. I hate being preached to. Gayness is a disadvantage, similar to a physical disability. It should not be an object of shame or derision, but like any other disability, should not be praised and celebrated either.

On the other hand, we should stop treating gays as if they were highly infectious lepers, deserving only to be shunned and ostracized.

As for getting into Heaven, I sincerely hope that every good, decent, kind and responsible gay finds equal favor by the Almighty.

Stars and Bars Forever said...

Took the words right out of my mouth. Being gay isn't a choice, nor is it lifestyle to be flaunted or celebrated. It's a genetic accident. A harmless aberration that is hardwired into the brain from the moment of conception. No use in condemning or celebrating it. The culture war over homosexuality is nothing more than political masturbation designed to generate voter hysteria.