Friday, December 27, 2013

Kimberlin Unmasked Suffers DDOS Attack: "Team Kimberlin" Suspected

Yesterday Kimberlin Unmasked (KU) emailed me, saying he couldn't log onto his site,  I tried, and couldn't log on either.  I immediately suspected a DDOS attack.  KU contacted his web host and they confirmed it was indeed a DDOS attack (a "distributed denial of service" attack).  In a couple of hours, the web host was able to terminate the DDOS attack and service was restored.

A DDOS attack is when hackers direct many computers (and/or special programs) at a targeted website, all of them requesting to log on to that site.  The website is overwhelmed with these requests and traffic either slows noticeably or just shuts down.  Hackers create "bot nets" by infecting computers all over the world with trojan programs, without the knowledge of the computer owners.  Those infected computers can then be directed to send service requests to the target, knocking it off line.

The purpose of a DDOS attack is to shut down the targeted website, so that no one can log on or view the site.  The group of cyber-goons known as "Anonymous" have used DDOS attacks against banks and other commercial websites, costing the owners millions of dollars in lost revenue.  DDOS attacks are illegal, of course, and perpetrators have been sentenced to prison terms.

Brett Kimberlin, the convicted Speedway bomber, perjurer and drug kingpin, is the subject of  All it does is reveal Kimberlin's criminal past and current unethical behavior, e.g., filing frivolous lawsuits against critics to cost them time and money defending such suits.  KU also criticizes and satirizes Kimberlin's supporters and yes-men, like Bill Schmalfeldt and Neal Rauhauser.  However, the KU site greatly angers Brett Kimberlin and his followers and fans.  The fact that KU's blogger is anonymous and unknown is particularly galling to Brett Kimberlin, as it has prevented him from serving that blogger with Kimberlin's latest lawsuit.  According to KU, the deadline for serving KU in Brett's RICO lawsuit expired yesterday.

Kimberlin, of course, has plausible denial of any knowledge of the DDOS attack, as it could have been initiated by one of his fans acting on his own and without Kimberlin's knowledge or approval.  Kimberlin's involvement in the crime cannot be assumed.

Kimberlin Unmasked has suffered aggressive and ruthless tactics by Kimberlin's minions, including an unwarranted take-down of the KU blogger blog site and the closing of KU twitter accounts, all based on false and phony accusations -- both Blogger and Twitter simply take a complainant's word for it when they accuse a site of Terms of Service violations, without any attempt to confirm the accuracy of the charges.  It then becomes the site owner's obligation to prove the accusations are false, while his site or Twitter account remain offline for weeks at a time.

These tactics are ruthless, unethical, probably illegal, and might qualify as harassment in any legal proceedings against the accusers.

I suppose the only good thing in the harassment directed against Kimberlin Unmasked, is that it proves his effectivemenss in exposing Kimberlin's unsavory practices and past.

1.  Photoshopped photo of Brett Kimberlin found on the web; Fair Use Claimed under US Copyright Laws
2.  The term "Team Kimberlin" is short hand for certain fans and followers of Brett Kimberlin who may act on Kimberlin's behalf, with or without his knowledge or permission.
3.  Only a court of law can determine the guilt or innocence of any person, and guilt for any crime can not be assumed.  Every suspect of a crime is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
4.  I do not know the identity, gender or location of the blogger known as "Kimberlin Unmasked," nor do I wish to know, for his or her protection.

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