Monday, December 16, 2013

Ending Obamacare: Nullification by the States is Legal and Necessary #nullification #obamacare

My friend Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner has a post and a valuable link up today.  Her post links to a blog about "Understanding the Constitution," in which the author Publius rebuts Mark Levin's "Liberty Amendments" approach.  Publius argues that nullification is the proper and most efficient way to end Obamacare.  This is a must read.

Nullification was discussed by the Founding Fathers as a way that individual states can frustrate unconstitutional federal laws by simply refusing to implement or support those laws.  This is not as radical as it sounds, and it has been used before by certain states in our history (some recently).  South Carolina is on the verge of nullifying a federal law, by refusing to implement Obamacare.  If South Carolina carries it off, you can bet other states will quickly follow her lead.

A year ago, there were four states planning to nullify Obamacare.  See that discussion here.

Wyoming has been considering the possibility of nullifying federal laws on gun control.  See that here.

Further Reading and Study: 
State Nullification:  What Is It? by Thomas Woods
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Understanding the Constitution - a Blog by Publius Huldah


Adrienne said...

Thanks for posting this, Stogie. Spend some time on Publius Huldah's blog reading some of her other stuff. She's one brilliant lady.

Stogie Chomper said...

I linked her blog under a new category called "References For Research" in my left sidebar.