Thursday, April 28, 2011

Authenticity of Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Disputed (Yawn)

Various graphic experts are now making YouTube videos explaining why Obama's recently-released long-form birth certificate is "a fake." (See this, this, this, and this, for instance [hat tip Thomas Lifton at American Thinker for these links].) Thomas Lifton, at the above link, believes the BC has been digitally manipulated on purpose, to stoke even more speculation on the right.

I don't think these videos prove the document is a fake, only that it has been digitally manipulated, perhaps as a way of streamlining the reproduction process.

In any case, speculation will continue from now until doomsday.  I think, however, that such speculation is likely to do more harm than good.  It will be used by Obama to paint his opponents as conspiracy-theorists, and to distract voters from other issues -- rising food and energy prices, inflation and continuing joblessness, to mention a few.

It is possible that the long-form BC is a fake?  Sure, anything is possible; however, it is unlikely that it is fake.  Personally, I am satisfied with its authenticity and relieved that Obama finally released it.  It is a relief to know that he is not getting away with fraud.  However, that does not make him one whit more acceptable as a president:  he continues to be a far-left, dogma-driven ideologue who is bankrupting the country.

Others have pointed out that, birth certificate or not, Obama is still ineligible to be president based on this law or that.  At this point the public may be tired of this controversy and unwilling to hear more arguments.  Further ruminations on the birth certificate are unlikely to yield fruit.  Let's drop it and move on.

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