Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Arrested in Michigan for Failure to Post "Peace Bond"

Pastor Terry Jones, whom I support, was arrested last week for failing to post a "peace bond" in Dearborn, Michigan.  Jones had intended to protest Islam in front of the largest mosque in America, but was prevented from doing so by the brazenly unconstitutional actions of the Dearborn Dhimmis.  This is a tale of the continuing erosion of our liberties, particularly free speech, in the face of Islamic encroachment on our soil.

Rather than regurgitate the whole sordid story, I refer you to others who have already summarized the tale quite well.  Read these at:

View From the Right:  Terry Jones, Defender of Christendom and Liberty.  Larry Auster, as I am, has been a defender and supporter of Jones from the start.  Events are proving us correct (once again).

Free Will:  Pastor Jones in the Crosshairs.  Free Will is written by a San Francisco attorney who says that he cannot believe that this persecution of Jones is constitutional.  However, be forewarned that the author is someone who feels he must denigrate Jones at the same time he is defending him.  Nevertheless, Free Will has a concise and coherent summary of the facts.


tom beebe said...

How many "peace bonds" did Martin Luther King, jr., Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, et al post?

Stogie said...

Tom, good point. Our country is changing, and not for the better.

Psota said...

didn't mean to call Jones dumb. The title really was supposed to refer to how, in light of Jones' jailing, free speech is only for people who have nothing to say.

1389 said...

Last I checked, I didn't see anything in the First Amendment about "peace bonds."