Monday, April 11, 2011

Koran Burnings in the U.K. and Iran: Britain's Weak Defense of Western Civilization

An Iranian and an Afghani burned a Koran in Iran to protest the evils of Islam; they risked their necks to make a video of it to put on YouTube.  The Washington Times reports:
Two anonymous young men in Iran, one Iranian and one Afghan, have burned a Koran in protest. This seven-and-a-half minute long video shows the two men, their faces obscured, holding the Muslim holy book and reading prepared statements. They say that Arabs have foisted this book on their homelands and because of it they have gone backwards for 1400 years. They say they dislike the Koran and want it to disappear, adding "Viva freedom!"
Meanwhile, as two men risk their lives to protest the Koran, limp-wristed girlie-men Brits, presumably wearing pink tutus and bright red lipstick, arrest a Brit for burning a Koran in his own garden.  A Brit newspaper reports:
Sion Owens, 40, was detained after a video clip apparently showing him setting the religious text alight was passed to South Wales Police on Friday.  The footage, which was shot in Mr Owens' garden, shows a copy of the Koran being soaked in a flammable liquid and then set on fire.  It emerged just days after he was confirmed as a BNP candidate for next month's election in Wales.

The Home Office reacted to the news by denouncing any acts designed to 'create divisions between communities'.  It said in a statement: 'The government absolutely condemns the burning of the Koran. It is fundamentally offensive to the values of our pluralist and tolerant society.'
Fools!  The Koran and Islam should be "fundamentally offensive" to any "pluralist and tolerant society."  Islam is the most anti-pluralist and the most intolerant ideology on the scene today.  Should tolerance include tolerating intolerance?  Of course.  But it should never tolerate intolerating intolerance.  I trust I have made myself perfectly clear.

Meanwhile, let's hope the powers that be cancel the U.K.'s membership in Western Civilization and insist upon a return of their unused testicles.


Adobe Walls said...

England and probably the majority of the continent are in for some really rough times if they don't throw off the multiculturalist yoke soon. On the bright side Europe will make a really nice theme park after we liberate it form the Caliphate in fifty or a hundred years.

The Griper said...

two real heroes, those two boys. now let's see more muslims show that same courage and i'll show greater respect for Islam.