Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's See If I Understand Liberal Arguments for Wealth Redistribution

After using a liberal's butt for a socker ball in the past few posts, I have decided to summarize his arguments for wealth distribution as I understood them.

1.  Sometime in the past, various people were discriminated against, oppressed or impoverished, so now the welfare class has a right to help themselves to my wallet.  It makes a lot of sense if you are on drugs.

2.  Liberals playing in sand piles learned "to share."  Therefore, when someone shoves a gun in your ribs and demands your wallet, don't be angry, it is just a form of sharing.  If you had been raised properly, you wouldn't mind.

3.  Just because corporations comply with tax laws or experience losses, this is no reason why they shouldn't pay millions in taxes that they don't legally owe.  The IRS be damned, left wing college sophomores will decide how much these extra-legal taxes shall be and to whom they are to be paid.

4.  Manual laborers create all real wealth; doctors, scientists, businessmen, bankers, engineers, manufacturers, computer programmers and all other professionals or white collar workers merely steal the wealth these laborers produce.  Therefore, these non-laborers should fork over their wallets post haste.  And the next time you set down to a fine meal, thank a ditch digger.

5.  All people with money today are well off because someone mistreated the Indians a couple of centuries back, and therefore such people should hand over their wallets and shut the hell up.  If that argument fails to convince, a liberal will be happy to invent a new one on the fly.  Just ask.

6.  Poor people are poor because we have denied them the same privileges that we have, "privileges" being a code word for hard work, delayed gratification, ambition, planning, the hours we spent in school, and the years we spent honing our marketable skills.

Based on the strength of these arguments, I am going to dye my hair green, get a nose ring and enroll in the local city college as a major in sociology.  Well, probably not.


The Griper said...

you'd look good in green, stogie. as for the nose ring, don't forget the leash to attach to it. :)

Stogie said...

Griper, yeah, liberals like nose rings so they can be led around by the ghost of Saul Alinksky! :)