Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jim Carrey's Gay Gross-Out: "I Love You, Phillip Morris"

I am generally tolerant towards gays (these scum would be an exception).  I have gay in-laws and they are occasionally welcomed in my home.  I oppose hatefulness towards gays, because my personal motto has been, since childhood, "Live and Let Live."  If you aren't hurting me, I won't hurt you.

However, you have to draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at Hollywood films:  I do not want to watch gay men suck face.

So imagine my surprise when wifey and I went shopping for rental movies.  I saw one starring Jim Carrey -- funny guy from "Dumb and Dumber" and "Liar, Liar."  It is rare when Jim Carrey makes a bad comedy.  This Carrey film was called "I Love You, Phillip Morris."  The jacket ad claimed that this film might be the funniest one ever made by Jim Carrey.  Oboy, time for some belly laughs!  We rented it.

The movie was not a comedy at all.  It wasn't remotely funny.  It was a gay romance along the lines of "Brokeback Mountain."  The Carrey character one day admits to his wife that he is gay, and goes to live with his boyfriend.  He is later sent to prison for credit card fraud, because "the gay lifestyle is very expensive."  All that bling and fashion, y'know.

While in prison, Carrey's character meets another gay; they fall in love, get a cell together and spend a lot of time dancing cheek to cheek, engage in long, lingering mouth kisses, cuddling and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.  Throughout the film, the viewer is treated to portrayals of homosexual anal and oral sex.  The final scene shows a big white cloud floating in the sky...shaped like a giant penis and scrotum.  Don't watch this on a full stomach.  Better yet, don't watch it at all.

Hollywood is passionately involved in the norming of gay behavior, and almost every film and television sitcom, even broadway plays, have at least one gay in the cast.  Some really go overboard -- "Under the Tuscan Sun," for example, where the viewer's nose is rubbed in gayness throughout.  I saw that movie, what, ten years ago and I'm still pissed off.  The viewer is pushed to the point of revulsion and then pushed a little further.  Perhaps movie theaters should start issuing barf bags to viewers.

I imagine that "I Love You Phillip Morris" was Jim Carrey's obligatory offering to the gay causes so popular in Hollywood.  His portrayal of a gay lover/crook will be seen as high art among the stylish.  It will never, however, be a box office hit.  It enjoyed only a limited release in 2009.  The reason is simple.  Most people are not gay.  Most people find overt gay behavior rather disgusting.

This film will not do much for Carrey's image with the viewing public, I suspect.  That's because it fails to answer the profound and timeless question once posed by the late Sam Kinison:  "How does one guy look at another guy's hairy ass and find love?"

If the great philosophers couldn't answer this cosmic riddle, how can I?  Nevertheless, gays are free to do what they long as I don't have to watch them do it.


Anonymous said...

I love jim carrey. His movie is funny and warm, making me regain the confidence of life. you can go to see his newest movie trailer in tha's really fantastic.

Anonymous said...

the only thing worse then a person who is homophobic, is a person who is homophobic and covers it up with their own self righteous B.S. about how they are "tolerant". I am disgusted by your posting and how small minded you are. I am disgusted by your double standard between Hollywood's portrayal of explicit straight sex scenes and of gay sex scenes.
Of course Hollywood is beginning to integrate gay characters. Because, real life is full of homosexuals, who have, until recently, been hidden and covered up. You know a lot more gay men and lesbian woman then you think you do. The tragedy is that people like you have forced them into hiding who they are out of fear. Abuse does not have to come in forms of violence. the prejudice you project in this posting is an equally damaging form of hatred. You playing innocent with your "as long as i don't see it" attitude does not excuse you from this.

Oh, and in answer to your question: Gay men find love staring at another mans hairy ass the same way that straight woman find love staring at a mans hairy ass. If a woman has seen you naked, she undoubtedly has had the same view a gay man would.

Stogie said...

Sorry, anonymous, but I and the great majority of the population find overt gay behavior disgusting. What you consider "bigotry" we consider "being normal."

I have a gay brother-in-law, and I have visited him and his mate in their house (and stayed overnight), see them socially often, and they have been welcome in my home for many years. However, they don't make out in front of me or anyone else. If they did, I wouldn't associate with them. Other than that, I enjoy their company.

Radical gays like you want gay behavior to be viewed as normal as love between a man and a woman. Hollywood supports you in this cause. I cannot. I see gayness as some kind of psychological and or biological abnormality, and though abnormalities should be tolerated, it is too much to ask that they be celebrated.

I don't persecute hunchbacks either, nor would I refuse kindness or friendship to one; but I would not recommend "hunchback pride" parades.

Sorry, I will never view homosexuality as normal or desirable, nor will I feel any guilt for feeling that way. And I will avoid movies and films that go beyond tolerance to open celebration, like "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "I Love You Philip Morris."

Mike said...

I have known some cool people who happen to be gay. There are cool people and their antithesis of both sexes and every orientation and every race and age and so on. I don't really want to watch people make out or get it on regardless of their orientation. And on top of that I am not gay and, under some circumstances, can be homophobic. I once had a gay coworker ask very straight faced, so to speak, if I have ever wanted to be raped. Homophobic moment right there y'all.

Stogie said...

What a shame that you were forced to see this movie and thus be exposed to scenes you find objectionable.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a woman and fairly constantly have cat-calls, profane language, and sexual offers in which you have absolutely no interest thrown your way, all because you happened to have committed the grave error of leaving your house? It makes me wonder if the problem isn't one of orientation, but of clueless men forcing their own sexual desire and interest on people (male or female) who just aren't into it.

That said, you didn't have to see this movie. No reason to complain about something to which you exposed yourself, is there?

Stogie said...

Wow! Was there even a gay scene in Under the Tuscan Sun? If you're still mad about this 10 years later, you might need to get some therapy.

Stogie said...

I don't wonder what it is like to be a woman, but I never make catcalls or whistle at them. Very few men do nowadays, and I don't see much relevance to the topic at hand. Yes, there is a reason to complain, because the movie (if you had bothered to read my post) was advertised as Carrey's funniest movie ever. There was no mention of it being a revolting spectacle of gays making out and giving each other blowjobs.