Friday, April 29, 2011

Black Racist Threatens the Stogmeister

I have been arguing with black racists and white liberals at YouTube, where the Onion editor and chief crybaby posted a video about Donald Trump's alleged racism, white supremacy and Klan membership.  I received a threat from one of the blacks, YouTube user Sjahi (his YouTube channel is here); it was deleted at YouTube by an editor, but I received a copy of it automatically by email.  I replied to Sjahi, telling him that I had received his threat and to bring it on; I also rebutted his earlier assertion that I was "ignorant and uneducated" by informing him that I hold a bachelor's degree.  He replied back to me:
Clearly you got that BS (Bullshit) degree on the basis of the original affirmative action, i.e., being white. I, on the otherhand, meritoriously earned my Doctorate degree at Georgetown University. But of course because you are white, and was responding to a black man, you automatically assumed that you were better educated. Your adherence to the false notion of White supremacy will be the end of you.

I don't need to threatened you physically. So, I don't give a fuck about what they did with my post based on your punk-ass whinning. My comment was to show how you bigoted cowards are so brave in your vitriol towards blacks online but don't have the balls to face a black person face to face and spit your venom. You are no threat to me because you have never been, is not now nor will you ever be my equal intellectually, culturally, spiritually or otherwise. The greatest threat that I and every black man pose to you and your kind is genetic annihilation. The African gene, as well as the genes of every other ethnicity of color is genetically superior to white genes of european descent. White people are genetic mutations. What animals in nature are naturally white and lack pigment besides some birds and those animals that live in snow white environments like polar bears? Barack Obama is a prime example of this scentific reality. Which genes do you think is dominate his genetically inferior white mother or the genes of his African father? You know the answer, which is why you ignorant bigots are soooo afraid. Stay afraid. I want you to be afraid. We wish we could instill the sense of fear white bigots and racist instilled in black people for 400 years.

But if you want to show me just how brave you really are I am willing to send a paid (non-cashable) airline ticket to the airport nearest you to have you fly to my way of course. I really would like to see you mouth off to my face with your racial bigotry and hatred.
Note his offer to send me a one-way airline ticket to his locale, an implied promise to kill me if I accept.

Black racism towards whites is far more severe than the other way around, and the moron known as Sjahi is but one example among many.  It is a fact, just as black-on-white violence is a fact.  It is also a fact that black dysfunction drives white racism, much more so than the opposite.  Just being honest, folks.

Nevertheless, there are many good and great people who are either black or partially black.  We could run one of them -- either Herman Cain or Allen West, both decent, brave and wise men.  However, liberals are especially hateful to black conservatives and either of these gentlemen would be denounced as an Uncle Tom or race traitor, and the left would do whatever it could to destroy them.  The left and the black underclass would not be impressed with the skin color of these men.

So what do we do with the black underclass?  Leave them alone?  No.  We need to administer "tough love," by telling them the truth about themselves:  they are major fuck-ups and we are sick and tired of their social pathology and excuses for same;  they are solely responsible for their own lives, life choices and mistakes, and blaming "white racism" is a childish cop-out, a denial of personal responsibility, a refusal to grow up and act like civilized adults.  It is time for these blacks to confront the high levels of violence and social dysfunction that they bring to American civilization and to begin learning the civilizational skills they need to fit in, to become self-supporting, productive and peaceful citizens.  White silence on the matter momentarily exculpates us from the predictable howls of racism, but does nothing to solve the problem for the long run, and is nothing more than cowardice.


Teresa said...

He is a racist fuck! Will be linked in my post today.

Old Rebel said...

"The African gene, as well as the genes of every other ethnicity of color is genetically superior to white genes of european descent."

Sounds like African supremacy to me.

Stogie said...

OR, he didn't explain which gene he was talking about. As I recall, the human genome has over 20,000 genes (and 46 chromosomes).

BunBun4life said...

LMAO !! HE claims to have a doctorate? In what, black racism?

I'm sorry, but when one claims to hold a doctorate, they better know how to spell and use proper syntax. EVEN if it is just a single wrong word or phrase - it denigrates their entire claim of intelligence or education. It's whining not whinning. (#1)

Since when does education = intelligence anyway? I know people who hold degrees that I wonder how they even find their way to work every day. I know people who dropped out of high school who are incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable, with plenty of common sense and the ability to use abstract reasoning (which is more important than a single degree).

He says "no threat to me because you have never been, is not now" YOU IS NOT NOW NO THREAT TO ME!!! well, he's DEFINITELY BLACK.

His words are TYPICAL same shit SSDD that all blacks who try the superiority crap over whites. "you don't have the balls to say it to my face" well we don't want to die Mr. Black Man, and seeing as how your racially superior intellect makes it impossible for you to contain your anger and not stomp people's head into the dirt, I don't call it FEAR I call it 'common sense'.

As far as the genetic thing goes, yeah, that's not really true either. I've seen Chinese people and Black islander people with white hair and blue eyes, because white hair & blue eyes have a much more dominate trait than people realize. The facial features is what gets screwed up. The chinese still look chinese & the blacks still look like negroes.

OBAMA? His mother's half is basically 100% GERMAN - so any intelligence he has can be DIRECTLY linked to THAT. Germans have been and are now known (see mr. black man, it's ARE not now or ARE now, not IS now) to be some of the most intelligent, creative people on earth. Any racist, communist, socialist retardation he has is what links him to his father's side. Let's be real - Obamas 'daddy' has 11 or 12 kids by 4 different women, typical black man, he abandoned them all - he was a drunk; he killed a woman while drunk driving a taxi - then later had another drunk driving taxi wreck & crushed his own legs. The only thing of ANY notoriety any of his half siblings have done; was to be arrested. His brother was arrested in England on his way to the inauguration - he gave cops a false name & false passport & was arrested for the sexual assault of a 13 year old white girl. TNB.

Whites are not genetic mutations, and the 'out of africa' theory has been proven WRONG. Our ancestors split more than a million years ago, not 50,000 years ago as idiots claim. This is the way we EVOLVED and at least we DID evolve; and this is how we evolved, into white people. No mutation occurred, except, allegedly for the blue eye color.

Black americans have an average of 18% european DNA. Every single black who has done anything (like Colin Powell, Herman Cain, Allen West) they all got white blood! Oprah produced that tv special on DNA discovery for black people, like where they came from, etc., and this very well known black college professor of 'african culture' (with commiserate chip on his shoulder) was SHOCKED to learn that his DNA was, in fact, 75% european. HAHA man was he depressed.