Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman's Peckerectomy

Superman's creators have been moving "the Man of Steel" further left as time goes on. A section of comic strip has been making the rounds, showing Superman renouncing his US citizenship, to avoid having his actions seen as "instruments of U.S. policy." Superman is now a leftwing liberal, and like same, he detests his own country and yearns for a world government where he can merge with "the other," i.e., anyone and anything unamerican.

Well here's the Stogified version of the strip:

See the original version here.

By the way, according to Webster's, a peckerectomy is the surgical removal of one's penis when it is no longer needed, or when its owner wishes to renounce his manhood or register as a Democrat. (You can look it up.)

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Always On Watch said...

"Peckerectomy"? Yep, that's a great description of what's happened to Superman.

Lois Lane is going to be sooooo dismayed.