Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Redistribute High College Grades to Lower Performing Students!

American Power has a post today that features a video of graphic characters having a discussion.  The characters are discussing college students' grades, i.e. how the GPA of higher performing students should be redistributed to those with lower grades.

The film eerily reproduces the attitudes and arguments of the anonymous college brat whom I engaged in debate yesterday.  This video applies his own arguments to himself, except that instead of redistributing wealth, we are redistributing college grades.  The analogy is apt:  both scenarios involve taking something away from those who have earned it, to give to someone who has not. The film even provides the same lame rationalizations.  See the video here.

Strangely enough, there is an ongoing petition drive at U.C. Merced to do just this:  redistribute grades.  There isn't much enthusiasm for the drive.  American Power reports:
And don't miss William at Pirate's Cove, who has video from the petition drive at UC Merced to redistribute grades. Not going over too well, (un)surprisingly: "Libs Love Redistributing Everything But What Is Their Own."
This could be a trend.  Let's redistribute beautiful women to uglier guys!  It isn't the latter's fault they were born with bad looks, and keeping all beautiful women for handsome guys just isn't fair.  Or, we could redistribute handsome men to uglier women for the same reason.   Let's give gold medals to Olympic runners who come in last!  Why should all gold medals be given to "the privileged" who are faster runners due to their unearned access to good genes?

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