Thursday, April 07, 2011

Musical Interlude: Stogie Band Recordings

Below are some recordings our band has made for demo purposes.  We'll post more when we get them.

The sound is best when played through decent speakers; if you are listening on small computer speakers, use earphones instead.  I mean, if you can't hear the bass, is there any point?

Our male singer is getting better -- I steered him towards some lessons on how to increase your range and intonation and how to sing from your chest and "mask" rather than through your nose.

We aren't ready for Carnegie Hall or anything, but a few more demos like this and we should be able to land some gigs in local clubs, as long as they have the Blues Brothers protective screen to shield us from thrown beer bottles.

I supply the bass in these songs.

Spooky (male singer, female backup)

Memphis (male singer)

Rio de Janeiro Blue (female singer)


bro said...

female is best

Stogie said...

Bro, yes she is, that's why she is our lead singer. However, I think the other two songs have better instrumentals. Our flute player is very good and our male singer plays great harmonica; also our lead guitar player shines on the first two songs.

bro said...

well actually she's a little stiff on the guitar, but that is corrected with playing with other people which she is doing now. you can practice alone till hell freezes over but you don't get tight until you play with others. She'll do it and she doesn't sound bad now.

Stogie said...

Maybe her stiffness, if true, is due to playing for recording rather than for performance. These recordings were multi-channel affairs that were not all recorded simultaneously. That tends to reduce spontaneity because you are straining to play every chord and note as perfectly as possible.

She has played in bands for years and has not been restricted to practicing alone.

Stogie said...

Yes, she was a bit hesitant on the riffs in Memphis. I hear it now.

DRO said...