Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God Bless Joplin, Missouri, My Childhood Home

Mom, Little Brother and Sister
Joplin, Mo 1952
Bro and I lived in Joplin, Missouri as children, and our little sister was born there.  I attended grades 1 through 4 in Joplin, mostly at Irving School.  We were cub scouts there and had a great childhood exploring surrounding woods, setting off firecrackers on the 4th of July and swiping our dad's cigarettes and smoking them in the woods.  We got our first television set in that house (it barely worked), and I learned of the death of Hank Williams (Sr) there, too, something I will never forget.

Now Joplin is very much in the news, having endured the destruction of a major tornado, or as we used to call them, "twisters."  Bro and I spent the night in a cellar on two occasions when a twister passed over Joplin; one of these did some damage to the town, but nothing like this new one.  Much of the city is rubble and the death toll stands at 122, but is rising, according to news reports.

We lived in a little gray, stone house on South Pearl street.  Bro went back to visit Joplin after a 50 year absence, and the current residents of our old house allowed him in to reminisce.  I hope that little home is intact and its current owners are safe.

Here's a picture of our home with our mom, kid brother and little sister in 1952.

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Always On Watch said...

I love old photos like this one. The memories are bittersweet, though.