Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Herman Cain Moves Up In Zogby Poll

Herman Cain
The ARRA News Service is reporting that Herman Cain is rising in the Zogby Poll as more Republicans begin supporting him.  Cain is a businessman and a radio talk show host; he is not a lawyer (thank God) nor a politician.

Absolutely none of the establishment Republican candidates appeal to me, and only Herman Cain is clear and unequivocal on the issues that are most important to me (revive the economy, start an energy policy that will lead to cheap fuel, support Israel, support our military, etc).

At this point, Herman Cain is my man.  Imagine, common sense, actual values over and above getting and staying elected -- I like it.

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pjm said...

Watched the videos from your earlier post on Mr. Cain. Definitely liked what I heard.