Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Graphic Photos of Dead Men in Osama Bin Laden Compound SEE THEM HERE

Reuters has released graphic photos of three dead men killed in the siege of Osama Bin Laden's compound.

Drudge Report links to a Yahoo site where the pictures are said to be displayed, but they do not appear.

The photos were posted at the Reuters site at the following link but Reuters has since removed them from view.

However, we have obtained the pictures from another source and they are below the fold.  Warning:  very bloody!  (Click on "Read More" below.)

Hat tip:  Bungalow Bill


Always On Watch said...

Good riddance to bad trash.

bro said...


Shannon said...

I second that Amen.

Anonymous said...

Ok, great! Now I want to see the stinking rotten bearded head of the man him self. Not that I think he is not dead,I do. Its just that nothing would give me more pleasure than to see the real person behind 9/11. I want to see his death face. I want to fantasize as to what must have been going through his head(besides that piece of hot lead). I wonder if for 1 second, he thought" oh sh*t, what have I done" or "Maybe I shouldn't of woke up such a sleeping Giant" In any case, thank you Obama,thank you Navy Seals!

Anonymous said...

thats not right. ..2 left shoes does NOT make a right :(