Thursday, May 19, 2011

The "Two-State Solution" is a Desert Mirage

Tiny Israel is Shown in Red
So now our college sophomore pretending to be a president wants to give away the ranch to the Palestinians.  President Obama has given a speech calling on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Arabic dispute over the boundaries of Israel.  He also stated that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders, ceding territory taken from the Arabs after the latter attacked Israel.  I say "Hell no."

The dispute in a nutshell:
1.  Arabs want Israel to disappear.  Their reasons are religious as well as bigoted.  Their glorious, false prophet Muhammad said on his death bed that "Two religions may not dwell together on the Arabian Peninsula."  He meant that only Islam should be allowed.  Further, Muhammad hated Jews for rejecting his "prophethood."  He murdered as many as he could and commanded his followers to do the same.  Jew-hatred is an integral, formal part of Islamic belief and scripture.  The intense Arabic hatred of Israel is both religious and cultural; it has nothing to do with "stolen" lands or Israeli "occupation" and persecution.

2.  The Two-State Solution is an illusion.  Liberals and Democrats cannot solve the real problem, i.e. Islamic intolerance, violence and bigotry, so they invent an alternative problem to solve, i.e. "the two-state solution."

Let's all pretend that what the "Palestinians" want is their own country, side by side with Israel.  This is clearly nonsense; the "Palestinians" want a "one-state" solution, i.e. their own country situated where Israel now exists.

The "two-state" solution will simply buy the Arabs more land from which to launch new attacks on the newly shrunken Israel.  It will make Israel weaker and will not change the Arabs' ultimate goal, which is to make Israel disappear.  The attacks on Israel will continue unabated within hours after such a deal is signed.  The so-called two-state solution will not bring peace and should be abandoned.  The only acceptable solution to homeless Arabs in Israel is to require the surrounding, massive Muslim territories to resettle them in Arabic countries and out of Israel.

"Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian
identity serves only tactical purposes. The
founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool
in the continuing battle against Israel ..."
- - Zuheir Muhsin, late Military Department head
of the PLO and member of its Executive
Council, Dutch daily Trouw, March 1977

See also "Origins of Arab-Jewish Conflict"


1389 said...

As Rush Limbaugh said quite a long time ago, the only way for Israel to achieve peace is to defeat its enemies. It's about time the US stops trying to pressure Israel to refrain from defeating its enemies.

1389 said...


What would Ubama be doing differently if he actually were a Muslim?

Just askin'.

pjm said...

I agree with Rush.... he is really saying Peace in the Middle East is unattainable. Something very hard to argue after decades of trying and failing.

But you jump to an entirely different conclusion than Rush. His statement is made to show the futility of the situation... he is not saying the US should go to war over it.

My point is that Israel can't defeat their enemies without the US. The piranhas would devour them if the US was not in the picture. We are the Big Brother in the background keeping their enemies at bay.

We are not refraining Israel from defeating it's enemies.... because it's not going to be them that does it. Yes, they can defeat the rock throwing Palestinians, and they have showed they can hold their own against Individual Army's. But imagine Israel going on attack without the US in the background.... Look at Stogies map... Israel goes on attack and Syria, Iran, and Egypt (not shown on the map but on Israels South-Western border) get involved... not a pretty picture!

pjm said...

"The only acceptable solution to homeless Arabs in Israel is to require the surrounding, massive Muslim territories to resettle them in Arabic countries and out of Israel."

Seems like such a simple solution doesn't it.

Stogie said...

pjm, you are aware, aren't you, that Israel has won like four wars against its Arabic invaders? It has been attacked by numerous Arabic countries all at once and has defeated them more than once.

I remember after the 1967 war, people were joking "Visit Israel and see the pyramids."

So I can't agree with your assumption that Israel is some kind of creation of the USA. Yes, they did benefit from our supplying them with weaponry, but they did all of their own fighting.

pjm said...

You are correct the have proven to be quite a strong Army. The 1967 War included enemy forces from throughout the Middle East. And the War of Attrition included Ruskie forces that they defeated.

I didn't give the Israeli Army their due... but I feel if the US stepped out of the picture then it would be a matter of time that Israel would be overrun. We are in the shadows, and there is strength to that. But I may be overestimating the ability of Arab forces...

I just don't think the US is holding Israel back. Yes, we are the ones always trying to draw this worthless line in the sand, but Israel knows full well that a truly aggressive approach could backfire. They are not in an enviable position. It's a miserable existence, to always feel your enemy is at your gate. Probably reason behind other Arab countries not stepping up and offering the Palestinians a new home. They think the continuous tensions is a win.

Stogie said...


Israel's choice is death or survival and I think they will choose the latter.

I wonder how long the Muslims would continue their endless intifada if the Western nations condemned them for their bigotry and hatred? As it is now, they are encouraged by Western liberals and leftists, who endlessly promote the so-called "Palestinians" as victims and Israelis as cruel aggressors.

pjm said...

If we ever got control of our oil consumption and production we could tell them to go to hell. It's absurd that the Western World showed them how to get the oil out of the ground, but now we are held hostage.

Cruel joke played by the supreme being.... give the fanatics something everyone else needs. :)

The Saudis declared economic war against us in 1973.... and we have done nothing as a nation to resolve this leverage that they have on us. For years oil was so cheap that economically it was not sound to invest in alternatives. But the days of cheap oil are a thing of the past. It's a tough call.... because what I am calling for is a national energy plan.... and we all know any time we allow our gov't more room they only screw things up.

Is it just me... or is it everything you look at a complete mess. I guess it could be worse... I could be a female in the Middle East.

Ultimately, Rush's statement is correct... the only way for Israel to have Peace is to defeat it's enemy. So, instead of Peace they have one choice... as you say "survival".

Stogie said...

pjm, I was thinking the very same thing: our greatest weapon against the fanatical Muslim countries is to substantially reduce our dependence on their oil. That's one of the reasons we should seek to become energy independent, hopefully within the next 20 years.