Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tina Fey's Current Irrelevancy on "Saturday Night Live"

I see that the phony liberal known as Tina Fey was back on "Saturday Night Live."   She again was making fun of Sarah Palin.

You know, Sarah Palin, who wrote a best-selling book called "Going Rogue."  Tina Fey also wrote a book, called "Bossy-Pants."  It was so popular that it was for sale in book discount stores almost immediately, stacked nice and high because no one was buying it.  Perhaps they can sell them to Eskimos for building igloos...or something.

Maybe Tina needs to stop pretending to be a comedienne and hire Palin to tell her how to write a that actually sells.  Of course, that presupposes that Fey has something to say that anyone wants to read.


Shannon said...

She is an idiot and not worthy of attention.

pjm said...

Maybe that's why Tina Fey does such a great impression of Sarah Palin. Because they are both not worthy of attention.

Stogie said...

PJM, if Sarah isn't worthy of attention, why does the left go to such great lengths to attack and marginalize her?

pjm said...

She marginalizes herself as soon as she has to have a conversation that she hasn't prepared for. I am happy that the left tears into Sarah Palin.... she is an idiot. Let them tear into her, and lets get a candidate with some substance to lead this party.

Sarah Palin doesn't speak for me. I live in the Bay Area, a graduate of the UC System, working the last 15 years on the derivatives floors in Chicago and San Francisco. I am from a completely different world than Mrs. Palin. I truly do not get the attraction. I compare her to Obama... they can get in front of a crowd and get them pumped up and excited. But breakdown what they are really saying. Platitudes and bromides.... nothing more.

I will give her credit on her ability to sell herself. She has created an image, and people are paying to see it. But she is a pep rally leader. Which at this point I guess her job is... and as long as she doesn't throw her panties in the Presidential ring then so be it.

Stogie said...

PJM, no arguments here. I basically agree, except that I resent the left's hateful attacks on her family, or the insinuation that she must be stupid to be a Republican.

Shannon said...

Nice how you mention her panties. Do you do mention male presidential candidates' briefs?

And also nice how you brag about your accolades.

You're a class act!

pjm said...

Shannon... I knew the "panties" comment was improper... but I put it in their to be lighthearted. Besides I have never seen her wear a "hat".

She is not a candidate that can't win.... she can run an amazing pep rally, but when it comes down to getting the 30% middle she will fail. She is a fringe candidate, that in my opinion gets too much attention. And she takes away from the seriousness of the situation.

Color me a snob, but I feel a Presidential Candidate should have a higher education than the average person. I am sorry a communications degree from a college in Idaho is not too far up the totem pole. This country needs a true leader... someone that understands the complexity of the world we are now living in. Being a "Soccer Mom" or being able to shoot a rifle are fine attributes, but they are not what I am looking for in the next President.

If the left wants to make jokes about her.... then so be it. She is a joke... and I am embarrassed as a Reagan Republican that anyone takes her serious. I agree with Stogie... leave the personal attacks on the family out of it... but she is fair game.

MJ said...

Wow. There is just no end to the hate, is there? Calm down, Mr/Ms. Bay Area...big, bad, stupid Sarah Palin can't hurt you.

Never fails to amaze me how frightened these wingnuts are of her. They will deny the fright until the end of time but there is no other explanation for the endless hate-filled drivel and mockery leveled at this woman.

Tina Fey is a has-been who has only one trick left up her sleeve and it's this stupid gig she gets paid to do on SNL.

Perhaps it's time to start mocking Trig again, folks. Haven't heard that for a month or so.

Stogie said...

MJ, Sarah Palin probably wouldn't be my first choice for Republican candidate for 2012, but she is a fine person and the hatred directed at her is quite irrational. I'm with you -- I am disgusted by the animosity at her and her family, and the attacks on Trig were particularly disgusting.

That is the nature of our opponents.

pjm said...

Ok MJ... I'll calm down! Are you serious... it's time to wake up.

Sarah Palin can definitely hurt me.
My fear is if Sarah Palin is involved... there will not be a Republican victory. Tons of people love her.. an equal tons laugh at her... but neither of those groups decide a national election in the US. It's the middle (Independents) that sways back in forth and decides National Elections. And she polls dismally with the middle. Realistically she could win the nomination... but then get crushed in the election. Then maybe you might understand why I have an opinion on Palin. I am sorry that I feel this is serious stuff, and not all fun and games. I am sorry I think a little further out than what is on television tonight.

Speaking of that, Bristol has a new reality TV show on BIO. Grab your Popcorn!

Stogie said...

PJM, what's the worry? Palin is rather low in voter polls and I don't think there is much chance that she will be the nominee. Same is true for Ron Paul and others. I just hope we don't nominate a RINO like Mitch Daniels.

pjm said...

You are correct Stogie...... in fact she is placing 3rd in the early primary states. Thanks for snapping me back to reality, I was freaking out for a little bit.

The Giants 3rd walkoff win in 4 games!! Now that's something to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Bossypants topped The New York Times Best Seller list, and stayed there for five weeks upon its release. Since its release, the book has sold over one million copies in the U.S.